073 – Jasper Da Seymour Talks Photography, Filmography, Working with YT, Flow Mtb & Much More

073 – Jasper Da Seymour Talks Photography, Filmography, Working with YT, Flow Mtb & Much More

Todays Guest

Jasper Da Seymour – Founder of jdaseymourphotography.com.au – chats professional photo and video production in the mountain bike industry

On episode number Seventy Three we are chatting with Jasper Da Seymour. I was first put in contact with Jasper after he had done a photo shoot with Tom Redfern, founder and owner of Broken Riders who was on the podcast back on episode 038 (listen here). It has taken a while to get Jasper on the show but he is a super busy man, has lots of projects on the go and is always pushing and promoting his photography and filmography business.

Jasper is from Tasmania just of the coast of Australia and I have to say, after watching Jaspers films of the local area the trail networks look amazing. Jasper seems to have really caught the passion that the Tasmania scene flows with, its young, exciting and full of energy.  

We chat about how the scene has grown over the last few years, how the local councils are getting involved in helping produce and build trails with the purpose of bringing more people into the area and helping local communities and business. And it seems to be working.

We also chat about how Jasper got started in photography and filmography and how he found his true passion in the mountain bike scene. We chat about some of the projects he has worked on, how these came about, what the brands are like to work with and some of the characters in the industry.  

I really enjoyed my chat with Jasper. He is a super fun guy, has a really good sense of humour and is super passionate about his work. So put your feet up, find out what the Tasmania mountain bike scene is like and have a laugh with Jasper.

Find Out:

  • How Jasper got started in Photography and Filmography
  • What the scene is like in Tasmania
  • Why Jasper has just had a knee operation
  • Why the councils are helping develop new trail networks
  • How Jasper got started in mountain biking
  • Why he loves it so much
  • What brands Jasper has worked with
  • What Jasper thinks about the consumption of content in the mountain bike industry
  • Jaspers feeling on social media and why we need it
  • What goes into filming a two minute video
  • Other film and photo interests Jasper has
  • What future plans Jasper has for his media company
  • How to get in contact and check out Jaspers work


One of the things I love about Jasper is even though he is running his own company and has to put food on the table he doesn’t take himself too serious. Sure he is serious about his work and pleasing both his client and himself with the finished product, but he can also have a laugh and enjoy himself while doing it. And I think this comes across in his work. His films and photos are different, they are fresh, new…they stand out. Is this because of the scene he is involved with in Tasmania? Has the passion of a relatively new MTB scene rubbed off on him? I can’t say, but I can say that I really enjoy his films and his photos are amazing. I think when you bring  two things together like the young vibrant MTB scene of Tasmania and the awesome talents of Jasper, magic happens. And this is what we have happening here.

After listening to this podcast if you don’t want to check out Jaspers content and visit Tasmania there must be a wire loose. If Jasper was trying to sell me on visiting Tasmania for my next big mountain bike trip he would have made the sale. And I think this passion for both his work and also his home really shines through in the way he talks about it and films it. Jasper knows he is a lucky lad to be where he is at this minute and time.

So if you want to know more about the scene in Tasmania, what awesome work Jasper is producing, what craziness happened at the end of the Maydena Bike Park shoot and why we really needed another hour to cover everything that is going on down there, tune in and check it out.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!


To Connect with Jasper:

Website: jdaseymourphotography.com.au

Instagram: jdaseymourphotography

Facebook: jdaseymourcommercial

Vimeo: jasper


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Thanks so much to Jasper for coming on the show and sharing his story.

And thank you once again for Listening!

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