076 – We Chat with the Founder Of UK Distribution Company Cyclorise

076 – We Chat with the Founder Of UK Distribution Company Cyclorise

Todays Guest

Thomas Dibley – Founder and Owner of the UK Distribution Company Cyclorise

On todays episode and number Seventy Six we are chatting to Thomas, the founder and owner of a very cool Uk distribution company called Cyclorise. Cyclorise distribute bike accessories and components from the USA and South Africa. They also distribute brands from the UK including their own self-started accessory brand called Lourí.

The birth of Cyclorise was a very fast one, it came from a pretty simple idea for a product to a full blown distribution company within a number of days. Thomas will say he runs a small distribution company which is growing a little everyday, but I think he has positioned himself in just the right place. We all know how fast the mountain biking industry is moving these days and how things change on a daily bases, something which Thomas is well aware of.

Thomas has worked most of his life in the mountain bike industry and for some of the biggest players. He has done everything from working on the shop floor to buying the merchandise that you see on the racks. Thomas loves working in the mountain bike industry, loves the products, loves the communities and has a real passion for what he does.

His background and passion for riding has really helped him source accessories and components that riders want, are practical and help you enjoy your ride better. Cyclorise distribute brands such as; Revgrips, SMOOVE Lube, GÜP Industries, Sahmurai Sword, Lourí, Fork Cork, Timber, Nox Sox and his range is growing.

We chat about how this all started, how he finds the brands he believes in, how the business to business model works, how you can best get the products and future accessories and components he is working on. Plus much much more.

Find Out:

  • Thomas’s background in the mountain biking industry
  • How Cyclorise was born from a product idea
  • Why Thomas got Cyclorise up and operating in days
  • Why Thomas only distributes brands and products he believes in
  • Why Thomas took a calculated risk to bring in RevGrips
  • What product sells the best for Cyclorise
  • The issues with stock levels and the large outlay required
  • Why Thomas felt they had to start their own brand called Louri
  • Why Thomas feels it is important to manufacture Louri in the UK
  • The relationships Thomas has with the brands he distributes
  • How you can best purchase the products Cyclorise sells
  • Future plans for Cyclorise
  • How best to get in contact and keep up to date with what Cyclorise are doing

It was great to get Thomas on the show and I really enjoyed our chat. Do you know when you chat to someone for the first time and you just have that connection?, that is how I felt when I first talked with Thomas. I am not sure why this is but I just felt on the same wave length. I think Thomas’s story is very interesting and I love his passion for what he is doing and how he is working so hard to make his company a success. And I truly believe he is doing this as much for us, the riders as he is for work and income. He chooses the products he distributes very carefully, works hard with the brands to build a long and meaningful relationship and makes sure that their values and direction are moving in the same direction. The result of this is we the end consumer get access to better products, get value for money and great quality useful products that we can use over again and again. And in the end we enjoy our rides more, get out more and have more time on the saddle. It’s a win win.

Running any type of company is not plan sailing, it has its ups and downs but Thomas seems to have his priorities right and I feel Cyclorise will only go from strength to strength. The brands are strong, the products are great and Thomas loves what he is doing. And this means a lot to owning and running any business. Thomas has a load of experience in the mountain bike industry and from a number of different avenues and this shows with what he is now doing. We chat with Thomas about some of the issues he has to overcome from, stock levels to cash flows. He has to be good at so many things and has to have his finger on the pulse with everything that is happening in the world of mountain biking. Thomas is also a great believer in the power of ambassadors to help grow and get awareness of his brands out to the wider world. We chat about this and what it takes to get these, sometimes unknown brands to the end user. It takes time, marketing and overall, a plan of action. We chat about this and much much more. 

So take an hour and find out what it takes to run an MTB distribution company and what it takes to get these great products into our hands and on our bikes. Enjoy!


To Connect with Thomas and Cyclorise:

Website: cyclorise.com

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Thanks so much to Thomas for coming on the show and sharing the story of Cyclorise.

And thank you once again for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!