077 – Get Yourself Suited For The Trails with Pinned Attire

077 – Get Yourself Suited For The Trails with Pinned Attire

Todays Guest

Ryan Bradshaw – Founder and Owner of MTB Apparel Company Pinned Attire

On episode number Seventy Seven we are chatting to the owner and founder of MTB apparel company Pinned Attire. I firstly want to say that Ryan has a crazy inspiring story behind why he started Pinned Attire and donates 100% of profits to the Air Ambulance. YES 100%. Ryan is a true philanthropist; a truly committed, generous and selfless individual. It is a pleasure to have him on the show.

Ryan has been running his Pinned Attire company for around two years and through hard work, sleepless nights and load of hours spent behind the computer, plus a number of other things, the brand is going from strength to strength. I was once told by a person who runs a number of successful brands that it is now easier to buy a brand than build one. So what Ryan has achieved with Pinned Attire is fantastic, all the hard work has paid off and that is what it takes, hard work. There are no short cuts, no magic pills and there is no luck involved. Its hard work, late nights and grind that makes anything a success.

We chat with Ryan about how he has build the brand, what the brand means to him and what keeps him pushing forward, for lets face it, no income. He has not made a penny from Pinned Attire. Yes he has made a profit but to him it is more important to support his local Air Ambulance service (see below for links). So if you need some new riding gear this season check out Pinned Attire, its for an awesome cause which any of us could need at any time on the trails.

Tune in, check it out and let Ryan tell you the story behind Pinned Attire.

Find Out:

  • Why Ryan started Pinned Attire
  • Why Ryan decided to donate 100% of profits to the Air Ambulance Service
  • How Ryan got interested in mountain biking
  • What his local scene is like
  • How Ryan first went about starting his company
  • How Ryan designs the clothing
  • How the process works with the factories he uses
  • The issues surrounding production and manufacturing
  • How Ryan gets the energy to work so hard on building the brand
  • How Ryan validated the idea using friends
  • Why Ryan has a very strong ambassador team
  • What Ryan will not sacrifice for the brand
  • What Ryan has planned for Pinned Attire in the near future
  • What new products Ryan is expecting
  • How you can support Ryan and purchase Pinned Attire
  • How to best get in contact with Ryan and Pinned Attire

I loved chatting with Ryan. It is great to see a local UK brand making a huge difference and shaking things up with both a great range of riding gear and a great bunch of brand ambassadors. Ryan truly believes that having a strong team behind your brand is a must. Ryan knows how much having these people riding and using your gear is a great way to get the name out and show that the gear is good, practical and very cool. Ryan sells his brand mostly to a UK customer base but has seen orders from international customers start to build. This is exciting times for the brand. Pinned Attire has the product, the quality and a great reputation and I can only see this thing grow bigger and bigger. Ryan will have to invent a 9 day week or something to keep up with the demand.

We chat with Ryan about what it is like to own and run a brand, and the stresses that this brings. We also chat about how when you see somebody wearing your gear it makes all the hard work worth it. Ryan has some interesting ideas and products planned for the near future and I can’t wait to see them. Ryan recently launched a new down hill pant that sold out in a number of days. Lets hope his new enduro pant has the same success! Ryan also keeps his prices at a very reasonable level. The Pinned gear is on the low end of the price scale. We chat about why Ryan keeps his coats low even when he has not got economies of scale on his side like the large international brands. This is important to Ryan and we chat about it in more detail.

I love what Ryan is doing with Pinned Attire, it is a very inspiring story and shows that with determination and hard work we all can achieve something that changes life’s and makes a real difference. Well done Ryan!

Tune in and let Ryan tell you the Pinned Attire story. Thanks for listening!


To Connect with Ryan and Pinned Attire:

Website: pinnedattire.com

Facebook: PinnedAttire

Instagram: PinnedAttire


Resources in this Episode:

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance: lnaact

richardscottdesign – Supports Pinned Attire Team

jobynewson – Videographer for Pinned Attire

tony.lovatt.photography – Photo Credit


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Thanks so much to Ryan for coming on the show and sharing his story.

And thank you once again for Listening!

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