079 – We Chat with Freewheelin’ About The Best Of Irish MTB Racing

079 – We Chat with Freewheelin’ About The Best Of Irish MTB Racing

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Todays Guest:

Robert Lynn – Founder of Freewheelin’ Irish MTB and Cycling Action Website.

On episode number Seventy Nine we are chatting with Robert Lynn who is the founder and owner of the very cool online website and magazine called Freewheelin’. Robert is super keen on the Irish MTB scene and is really passionate about the awesome growing mountain bike scene we have in Ireland, including the North.

Robert follows the Irish race scene closely and covers all the race meetings bringing us all the best information and results from the meetings and events. The websites slogan ‘2 Wheels – 1 Passion ‘. is certainly true and Robert is super passionate about what he covers and puts on the website. He covers everything from the grassroots to the international events and has a keen interest in the up and coming youth talent, and we have a lot in Ireland.  

It was great to get Robert on the show as I feel living in Malta at the moment I am a little disconnected from the racing scene in Ireland and I obviously can’t have my boots on the ground. So, it was great to get Robert on and fill me in on what is going on and what we can look forward to in the 2019 season. And to be honest I knew you guys and girls would also like to know what is happening so I got Robert on the podcast to have a chat about the Irish race scene, who to look out for, where the events will be happening, what new teams to keep an eye on and the movers and shakers on the EWS.

We get into a lot of detail about the characters who are putting Ireland on the map for producing great racers, why this is happening, how the trail networks are helping, updates on funding for new trail networks and what the racing scene holds for us in 2019.

So tune in, get up to date on the Irish race scene and find out what events you may want to enter or even just show your support by spectating.

Find Out:

  • How Robert got into mountain biking
  • Why he is so passionate about mountain biking
  • What the scene is like were Robert lives
  • How he got interested in the MTB race scene
  • Why he felt there was a need to start a Irish based MTB & bike website
  • What Freewheelin’ covers and concentrates on
  • What events are happening this season
  • Who to look out for and keep an eye on in 2019
  • What new events are happening this season
  • New Irish teams entering the race scene
  • What youth racers are making moves and look good for the near future
  • How to resister for a race & what it costs
  • Why Ireland has received 10 Million Euros for development of new trails
  • When & where this funding is going to be spent
  • How to connect with Robert & Freewheelin’ & find out more about the Irish race scene

It was great to get filled in on what is happening in the Irish race scene and Robert is really in touch with what is going on. He knows a lot of the racers personally and has a great relationship with them. If you check out Freewheelin’ you will be able to read a ton of interviews Robert has done with a lot of the Irish racers and personalities. Robert has a really good knack for interviewing and this comes through in his articles. Freewheelin’ is great reading and Robert covers a load of stuff on his website, everything from the racing calendar to reviewing riding gear. Robert is certainly kept busy keeping his website up to date as the Irish scene is growing day by day. We chat about this and how things have changed over the years. We chat about how the trail centres have played a large part in helping creating these great riders and racers and what to expect from these centres in the near future.

We chat about the part sponsors play in helping riders and supporting their racing journey. We also chat about the time and costs involved in racing and to be honest, at a first glance it does not look cheap, especially if you are wanting to attend a number of these events over the season. We chat about the ways to do it cheaper with how to resister yourself for the season. It at first may seem complicated but Robert breaks it down for us and lets us know how to best go about this. We also chat about some of the new events this season, how you can get involved and where and when these events are happening.

We covered a lot but to be honest we both felt that we only scratched the surface. There is so much going on in the Irish scene at the moment it would take a number of shows to cover everything that is going on, so watch this space!

So get yourself tuned into the Irish race scene and find out how best to keep up to date with everything that is going on. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!


How To Connect with Robert and Freewheelin’:

Website: freewheelin.ie

Facebook: freewheelin.ie

Instagram: freewheelin_mtb

Twitter: FreewheelinMag


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Thanks so much to Robert for coming on the show and chatting about the Irish race scene.

And thank you once again for Listening!

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