083 – How MTB Can Change Your Life – We Chat with Andrew Coburn

083 – How MTB Can Change Your Life – We Chat with Andrew Coburn

Todays Guest

Andrew Coburn

On todays episode and number Eighty Three we are chatting to Andrew Coburn about winning the Mountain Bike NI Scout Leader Award, staying stoked on the trails and how mountain biking changed Andrew’s life for the better. Plus a few funny stories from when Andrew started mountain biking.

When reading through the annual email sent from Mountain Bike NI regarding the yearly award winners (these are awards voted by riders for things like best trail, best MTB accommodation, best MTB cafe etc…etc.) I discovered that the Scout Leader Award had been won this year by Andrew. I was stoked to hear this because Andrew is in love with mountain biking and if anybody deserves the award it is Andrew. I have never hit the local trails with Andrew but I knew he was somewhat of a character and would be a great guy to have a chat with and get on the podcast. After all, its characters like Andrew that make this mountain bike hobby so much fun and when these guys are around, there never seems to be a dull moment.

So I reached out and asked Andrew if he would like to come on the podcast and tell his story. He was kind enough to say yes and as it turns out, he has a great story. A story of how mountain biking helped him out of a very bad situation regarding depression and to this day has changed his life for the better. This is not so much an episode but a story of how having an interest, a social group of friends and an awesome community around you can help change your life forever.

Find Out

  • How Andrew got started mountain biking
  • What encouraged him to keep at it
  • His funny Claude Butler story involving brake pads
  • Why he quickly got a new bike
  • The bikes he has had in the past and what he rides now
  • Why he has stuck to riding a 27.5
  • Andrew’s local trails
  • Andrew’s favourite trails
  • How mountain biking helped Andrew out of a dark place
  • Why he believes the community within the mountain bike scene had a huge role to play in his recovery
  • How he keeps stoked for the trails
  • Why we all should have riding buddies
  • Why Andrew enjoys the racing scene
  • What he hopes to achieve at the racing meetings
  • Andrew’s planned mountain bike holidays for the near future
  • How to get in contact with Andrew

It was great to get Andrew on the show, he is such a brave guy to tell his story. Before was started recording the show as we talked off air it was very apparent that Andrew wanted to talk about how mountain biking has changed his life and feels that if it can help somebody else in the same kind of situation, then it is worth telling. Andrew knows first hand how horrible something like this can be and wants to help any way he can. Andrew’s recovery is amazing. To chat with him now you would never think that he would have had an issue with depression in the past but that just shows you the power of having something like mountain biking and a great group of friends to help you through these difficult times. Andrew says himself that you always hear him before you see him.

Put your feet up for an hour, grab a cup of coffee and check out Andrew’s story. To me people like Andrew don’t get enough thanks for what they do for the sport of mountain biking. Guys and girls like Andrew are the people that make this whole industry tick. These are the people that are going to local races, visiting their local bike shops, spending their hard earned money on bikes and gear, introducing new people to the sport and making the rest of us have a laugh and a smile while out at our local trails. So thanks Andrew for all your stoke and for being part of this great community we all are so much in love with.


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Facebook: AndyCoburn

Instagram: andyc240


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Facebook Group: MTB 4 FUN NI

Squad Leader Award: http://www.outdoorni.com/blog/AndyCoburn

Andrew’s Personal Training Page: PositiveAttitudepersonaltraining


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