086 – Injury Recovery with The Strength Factory

086 – Injury Recovery with The Strength Factory

Todays Guest

Ben Plenge – Founder and Owner of The Strength Factory – Extreme Sports Training

On episode #86 we welcome back Ben Plenge from The Strength Factory to chat about injury recovery. How to approach and best recover from a bad injury, how and when to get back into the gym and why a profressional trainer like Ben can really help get you back on the bike faster and fitter than you left it.

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We had Ben on the show back on episode #51 (listen here) chatting about why going to the gym makes you a better mountain biker. We chatted a little at that time about my collar bone injury and how the gym can possibly help to prevent such an injury and after the show we talked about Ben coming back on the show when I had recovered to chat about just that… How to recover from a mountain bike injury, or any injury really. In that episode #51 Ben gave me some points and tips about how to help get better faster, keep my chin up and get to mending yourself straight away, not to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.

In this episode we get into that in more depth and chat about when to get back to the gym, how to do this correct, can you get back before you are 100% mended, when to know to stop and how to help with diet and mind-set, plus much more. So if you have had that time-out injury in the past or you are in a recovery period from an injury or simply want to be prepared (God forbid) for that dreaded day, pop on the headphones and check it out. Hope it doesn’t hurt to much!

Find Out:

  • What Ben does at the Strength Factory
  • After an Injury what is the first thing you should do 
  • How can the gym help
  • How do you know when to go back to the gym 
  • Can you go back and work on different things even if you are not 100% recovered 
  • How you should go about this
  • Mistakes people make returning to the gym after an injury
  • How long should each session be 
  • If you are getting pain with working out, should you stop
  • NO PAIN NO GAIN. Right or Wrong 
  • Does being stronger help with injury prevention
  • How important is flexibility
  • How do you best work this into your program 
  • How do you best keep motivated to do both your physical therapy and gym workouts
  • What to do when you don’t see improvement with your injury
  • How do you know when to get back on the bike
  • How do the pros go about injury recovery 
  • How you can best get in contact with Ben and The Strength Factor

It was great to get Ben back on the show and chat about such an important topic. We as mountain bikers have most likely had a career ending injury (in our dream world of pro riding) or have had an injury that has kept us off our feet and on the sofa, so most of us can relate to the problems this can cause, not only physically but mentally. We chat about how to keep your chin up, keep pushing forward and help yourself get back to full strength and get back on that bike. We touch on how the pro riders deal with injuries and if they are always riding with some form of injury and if they really know when to stop and get into recovery mode.

Ben has worked with many riders who have been recovering from an injury. He has a tone of experience on how to best evaluate the correct way to proceed and what type of training will best help the recovery of the athlete. Ben knows that each person reacts differently to different exercises and depending on the injury in question on how to best get that person doing the correct workouts to best get them back to health and on their bike with confidence.

That is what this episode is all about. Getting you better and getting you back on the bike. It’s just one of those things, if you are a mountain biker you are going to hurt yourself at some stage. It is a contact sport after all, it unfortunately has to be expected. So hopefully this episode can help you in your recovery journey and get you back to what you love doing the most…riding your bike with friends!

I would love to hear your ideas on injury recovery, if you have been injured and how you got through that difficult period. Drop me an email and let me know at: info@mtb-tribe.com




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