093 – Ride The Best Hidden Trails In The UK with Trail Unknown

093 – Ride The Best Hidden Trails In The UK with Trail Unknown

Todays Guest

Tom Shopland and Hugo Van Dorssen founders and owners of the UK mountain bike guiding company Trail Unknown

On episode #93 we welcome back to the show Tom and Hugo from their trail adventure company called Trail Unknown. Tom and Hugo were on the podcast back on episode #71 (listen here), so it was great to get them back on the show and hear what they have been up to over the last 6 months or so. The guys have been super busy finding new trails, organising new routes and offering their clients more options, more excitement and more adventure.

These guys do not sit still and I don’t say this because they always seem to be riding their bikes, which you would expect running a mountain bike guiding company. But because they are always finding new ways to give their clients a better experience, a new experience and something their clients will not find elsewhere.

When the guys first came on the show I signed up to their newsletter because I wanted to know how they were getting on and what new stuff they were rolling out, as we had talked about their future plans on that first episode, I would not be disappointed. And as things often go, just as I was reading through their latest list of new and updated adventures they got in contact and we set a date for them to come back on the show and fill us in on what they have been busy working on over the last number of months.

We chat about their first E-Bike guided trip, why and how this happened and why they decided to combine a MTB trip with a SUP (stand up paddle board) session. The guys have also been busy working with local schools getting kids and parents out on bikes and learning them how to ride single-track all off their own dime, free of charge. We also chat about their resent presentation at the London Bike Show, their new bike packing coast to coast trip and their exciting news with new partners Specialized.

Tune in and find out how you could be riding hidden single-track gems with Tom and Hugo this summer.

Also the guys have been very kind to offer 10% OFF your first trip for MTB TRIBE PODCAST listeners. Simply tune in or read more to find out how.

Find Out:

  • What Trail Unknown do
  • How they differ from a lot of guiding company’s
  • What the guys have been up to over the last 6 months
  • What new trips they have added to their calendar
  • How they decide on the new trips they add
  • Why and how they validate their new trips
  • How Tom and Hugo came to be talking at the London Bike Show
  • What they took away from their presentation
  • Why they started an after schools kids MTB Club
  • How this has been going
  • How the guys hooked up with Specialized
  • What Trail Unknown and Specialized have planed for the near future
  • How the guys are liking their Specialized bikes
  • How to get in contact with the guys and also get your 10% OFF

Tom and Hugo recently just validated a new bike packing coast to coast trip and spent a full five days finding new single-track on their bikes, sleeping in the elements and finding a new experience and adventure for themselves and their clients. They have tailored this trip to the little more adventurist biker or somebody who simply wants a different experience with their bike. The trip will consist of a 2 day & 2 night adventure (find out more information here). The guys with the help of the Peaks very own long distance adventure cycling legend Pete McNeil will guide you across the Peaks for an epic bike packing weekend adventure while sleeping under the stars. This is just one example of what the guys have been up to, basically planning and fleshing out trips that they would want to do themselves. And that is their secret. They offer trips and rides they would want to do themselves, because if you think about it, they are their own customers, they are mountain bikers first guides second. The great thing is they have been able to merge their two passions to create this great guiding adventure company that just works. Their passion for riding bikes and showing people these great rides is what Trail Unknown is all about and it is working. They are building on their excising portfolio, creating new rides and giving their clients what they want. And their clients seem very happy. Its a win win.

Tom and Hugo are also taking time out of their busy schedules to get kids on bikes and riding by creating an After School Kids MTB Club. So far this has been a great success and they have been blown away with the response. The cool thing is this is just not another club were parents can dump their kids off for a couple of hours and go grab a coffee. The parents are expected to come along and ride with their children and get involved in the whole experience. For the most part this is the first time a lot of parents and kids have ever ridden a bike off road on a single-track so there is a tone for information to be gained by both kids and parents. Tom and Hugo offer this all free of charge and are just happy to get their local community involved with bikes, give something back and have a great time. I love stories like this and it shows how passionate Tom and Hugo really are about mountain biking and what joy and experience it can bring to your life.

Tom and Hugo really are in love with mountain biking and it shows in everything they do. So if you want to find out more, hear their story, ride along and find out what they have planned for the near future tune in and check it out. And don’t for get about your 10% OFF. Details below!


GET 10% OFF your first ride with TRAIL UNKNOWN

To take advantage and get 10% OFF your first ride, all you have to do is email the guys (contact details below) about what trip you are interested in and mention the discount code: MTBTribeUnknown

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To Connect with Tom, Hugo and Trail Unknown:

Website: www.trailunknown.com

Email: trailunknownuk@gmail.com

Facebook: TrailUnknown

Instagram: trailunknown

Twitter: trailunknown

Calender: trailunknown.com/calendar


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Massive thanks to Tom and Hugo for coming on the show and updating us on Trail Unknown!

Thanks again for listening and being part of the Tribe. Have a great week!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!