097 – Lets Ride North Carolina with Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures

097 – Lets Ride North Carolina with Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures

Todays Guest

Matt Hartell – Founder and Owner of Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures 

On episode #97 we are chatting to Matt Hartell the founder and owner of Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures about why Matt decided to start a new mountain bike adventure company (he has another one). We chat about why Matt decided on Pisgah North Carolina, what his company can offer you as a rider, what to expect from the trail networks, how to book your trip, what the local scene is like and why you will have the ride of your life.

Matt was on the show back in episode #91 (listen here) chatting about his first adventure company called Old Town Outfitters based in Guatemala. We chatted about why Matt wanted to start a mountain bike adventure company and in Guatemala of all places. It’s a very interesting story and Matt has worked hard to make things work for so long, Old Town Outfitters has been going for over 20 years! After recording that episode we got talking about his new venture in North Carolina and how he has been working on getting this setup and how excited he was about finally getting this new project started. After chatting with Matt about what the trail network was like in Pisgah North Carolina I had to get him back on the show. It just sounded amazing and was defiantly another location to put on the bucket list.

We chat about the hundreds of miles of trails available, how there are networks for every ability, the charm of the local areas, why you should visit and so much more. So tune in and plan your next trip!

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Matt got hooked on mountain biking at an early age
  • What his first bike was like
  • What the local scene was like at that time
  • Did the local trails, riders or stores come first
  • Why Matt moved to Guatemala with his brother to start a mountain bike guiding company
  • Why Matt has decided to start another mountain bike adventure company in Pisgah, North Carolina
  • What the scene is now like compared to his childhood
  • What the trails are like and what they have to offer
  • The type of tours Matt will be running
  • Why Matt offers a bespoke tailored adventure just for you
  • What all is included when you book with Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures
  • What you can expect to pay
  • How Matt is going to balance his time between Pisgah and Guatemala  
  • If you can ride and book a tour with Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures all year round
  • What you need to bring and what you don’t need to bring
  • How to get in contact and book your awesome adventure

 Matt sure does sound like he is living the dream and he says it himself, ‘just another day living the dream’. But Matt and the crew he surrounds himself with have worked very hard over the last twenty years to make this new Pisgah venture possible. This has been in the back of Matt’s mind for a number of years and now that the time is right, he is making it happen. Matt always believed that this area had a huge potential, with the awesome trail network, the great support from local stores and the ride-able climate it was just bagging for a tour based company likes Matt’s. 

The problem as Matt puts it with Pisgah is that it is so huge you can easily get lost, ride trails not suited to your ability level, or simply miss the best runs because you simply can’t find them. So Matt decided the time was right to help show people what this huge area has to offer. I have heard of Pisgah before but it gets nowhere near the same kind of media coverage as Whistler or Colorado and has basically gone unnoticed by the majority of riders. But I feel this is all about to change and so does Matt. With the riding population growing and people venturing further afield to find those hidden gems it won’t be long until Pisgah is on everybody’s bucket list. 

Matt is offering an awesome package with Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures. He truly believes that, from picking you up at the airport to dropping you back off to the airport after your trip, he is determined to give you the riding experience of a lifetime. But your trip starts before then. Matt encourages clients to email him before they book their trip and make it more custom to what they want to experience and get from their time with Matt and Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures. Matt can organise everything from accommodation to bike hire and wants to make your trip as stress free as possible. He just wants you to concentrate on riding and having a blast of a time. And if his client feedback from Old Town Outfitters is anything to go by, that is all you will be having.

So tune in and have a listen to what Pisgah has to offer and how Matt and his new company, Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures can help you have the ride of your lifetime.


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