098 – Lets Ride The Best Trails In The World with BKXC – Revisited

098 – Lets Ride The Best Trails In The World with BKXC – Revisited

Todays Guest

Brian Kennedy, or as he’s known from his awesome YouTube Channel…BKXC

This episode first aired 22-03-2018, but it’s time to revisit an old classic. Enjoy!

It is episode number Twenty Eight (well #98 now) and I am so delighted to have Brain Kennedy from his YouTube Channel BKXC on the show. Brian has build his YouTube Channel up over the last couple of years to 130K (288K Now!) followers. We chat about how Brian got the idea for the channel, how it grew so quickly and why he thinks it has been received so well. Plus much much more.

Brian’s success is not by accident. He has always been looking for that side hustle to escape his 9-5 and after doing research and following his dreams of mountain biking he found his opportunity. Brian was quick to chase that dream down and now makes a good living by filming his adventures from riding the best trails on the planet and bringing us along for the ride. Or as Brian puts it,  ‘Let’s ride the best trails in the world’. We chat to him about his fast rise to YouTube success.

Find Out:

  • How Brian got the idea to start a YouTube Channel
  • Why Brian wanted it to be about mountain biking
  • When Brian decided it was time to leave his 9-5 and go full time on BKXC
  • How this life changing move made him feel
  • How Brian’s parents reacted to the news
  • What makes Brian’s channel different
  • The key to having a successful YouTube Channel
  • How Brian makes a living from his channel
  • How long it takes Brian to edit a show
  • What extra you get from being a Patreon member
  • Brain’s favourite trails and his disappointments
  • Scary moments from his trips
  • What equipment Brian uses and how much it costs
  • What trips Brian has planned for the future and if the UK is a possibility
  • Where you can best find Brian and keep updated on his adventures

I have been watching Brian’s films and adventures for about 12 months and never thought he would be on the show (a bit of a man crush going on here), I thought he was out of reach. But as Brian says, ‘it only takes an email’. And that is what Brian’s YouTube Channel is all about. It’s that relationship between him and his audience. It’s that possibility that you too could be riding those trails, going through the pain of the climbs and the pleasure of the descents. Brain has this knack to take you along with him. He’s not super human, he makes mistakes, he throws out the odd curse word, he breaks things, he falls off, but he could be you. And that is why Brian’s channel is so entertaining.

I loved having Brian on the show and I believe it turned out to be a great chat. There is no hidden agenda with Brian, he is upfront and down to earth, what you see is what you get. I love that about him and his channel. Brian films for you and me and loves to hear stories of how his channel has encouraged people to get off the sofa and get on the bike, it inspires him to do more and push harder.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. Take an hour, listen to Brian’s story and then check out his YouTube Channel below and get stoked for the trails!

Thanks for being here!

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Website: bkxc.bike

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Instagram: bkxc

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To Help Out The Show:

Thanks so much to Brian for coming on the show and sharing his awesome story.

Thanks to Michael and Dave for their questions to Brian and a big thank you to Adam Davis who was a big help with getting Brian on the show.

And thank you once again for Listening.

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