101 – Fancy Morzine? Find Out More with the MTB Trail Hub

101 – Fancy Morzine? Find Out More with the MTB Trail Hub

Today Guest

Jamie Carruthers creator of the very popular YouTube Channel MTB Trail Hub

Its episode #101 and I am joined by Jamie Carruthers from his popular YouTube channel called Mtb Trail Hub. I got to know Jamie through his social media platforms and then was quickly watching his trail review shows on his YouTube channel. Jamie’s channel is a little different from your usual mountain biking channel showing fast, dangerous death defying trail riding. When Jamie was on his mountain bike trail adventures he was finding it difficult to get proper trail information detailing runs, tips about where to ride, what trails to miss and what to look out for in different sections of the trails. All the information you would like to know before hitting any trail network.

So Jamie decided to take things into his own hands and start filming and documenting his trail rides, but with a difference. Jamie breaks down the different trails depending on difficultly and takes you on a ride that will both educate you and let you see if this trail is what you were looking for from your ride. What Jamie does different from any other YouTube channel out there and something I find really beneficial is, he stops and shows you areas of difficultly like drop offs, jumps or tricky sections that could have you quickly looking at the sky. He details what these section are like and how to best attempt them, helping you and me ride these trails with more confidence and knowledge of where the tricky sections hide.

Jamie has just completed a trip to Morzine and filmed the experience for a three part series which will be available on his YouTube channel, on everything you need to know about riding, staying and eating in Morzine and Les Gets. Jamie has been going to the Morzine area year in and year out for around ten years and knows the area really well. Morzine has quickly become the European capital for mountain biking and after chatting with Jamie it is not hard to see why. Jamie’s knowledge is top notch on the area and with his added video’s you will feel like you have already been there. He has some great tips on how to manage your time to escape crowds, get trails to yourself and where to get a overnight repair done that won’t make you take out a second mortgage. 

So tune in and find out how to best plan that trip to Morzine, where to stay, where to ride, how to find empty trails, get your bike fixed, where to ride if you are a first timer and how to navigate the mountain plus much more insider information.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • Jamie’s mountain biking background
  • What the scene was like where Jamie grew up
  • Why Jamie got hooked on mountain biking on his dad’s old GT
  • Why Jamie decided to start an MTB YouTube channel
  • What keeps Jamie filming and why he is so passionate about his content
  • How Jamie balances his work and play
  • Why he thinks his YouTube channel has become so successful over the last month
  • How to best plan that trip to Morzine
  • Where to find empty trails for you and your mates
  • Where you can stay in a camp site with a pool, bike showers, awesome facilities and amazing views
  • Why Jamie thinks Morzine has become so popular
  • Jamie’s not to miss trails
  • A few shops Jamie advises to visit if you are in need of a bike repair
  • Where you can find Jamie on socials and follow his YouTube trail adventures

Jamie is a top lad and a very good rider. You will know what I mean when you watch his channel. However, this does not stop him realising that not everybody is at his skill level. And this is why his channel works. It is good for all level of riders. Jamie is not embarrassed (for lack of a better word) to be showing you down the green runs and pointing out why these runs may best suit your skill level, but on the other hand he is not shy in stopping and having a look at a drop or jump before he sessions it. He know his level of ability but doesn’t take stupid chances on a trail he has never ridden before. And really this is something we all should be doing. Going to Morzine is awesome but you don’t want to include a hospital visit to your trip (even if the hospitals there do have a lot of practise).

Morzine seems to be on most peoples bucket lists as a must visit destination, I know it is on mine. But Jamie has visited and plans on visiting other little gems that we most likely don’t even think about as far as a mountain biking destination goes. As Jamie puts it these areas offer uncrowned trails, different cultural experiences, cheaper prices and new terrain to explore and just because they may be smaller and less well know we should not count them out when planning that next trip. We chat about how many of the ski resorts are having to adapt to the growing number of mountain bikers and realising that their resort can stay open most of the year if they cater to this growing pastime hobby of bikers. We all know that the snow seasons seem to be getting shorter and shorter so many of these resorts have no option but to make more income over the summer months if they want to stay in business. I know this means terrible consequences for the future of our environment with everything that’s going on, but if we can take a positive from it, it’s that these areas can find ways to still bring much needed revenue into their communities, keep people in work and keep many business open. And on a side note it means more options for us mountain bikers to checkout and explore.  

So it’s that time to put your feet up chill out for an hour and see if Morzine sounds like the place you need to put on your bucket list.

Also stick around until the end of the show were we will be hearing from Matt and his very cool (get it ‘cool’) Alaskan Facebook Group called Alaska Mountain Bike Group about how you can best get started in mountain biking. Matt was on the podcast back on episode #60. Check out his episode below to have a listen.  

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Thanks so much to Jamie for coming on the show and helping us navigate Morzine.

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