103 – Julie Cornelius – Supporting Women’s MTB Worldwide with World Ride

103 – Julie Cornelius – Supporting Women’s MTB Worldwide with World Ride

Todays Guest

Julie Cornelius – Founder of World Ride – Mountain bike adventures that support women’s mountain biking worldwide

It’s episode #103 and we are chatting with Julie Cornelius founder of World Ride, the Non-Profit travel company that’s getting ladies out riding across the globe. I was first introduced to Julie from a good friend of the show Matt Hartell who owns a couple of MTB travel companies, Epic Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures and Old Town Outfitters. Matt has been on the podcast a couple of times so when Matt put me in contact with Julie and told me what she was doing I just had to get her on the show.

Julie has been getting ladies on bikes and out on the trails since her collage days working part time in a couple of bike shops. It was from these experiences that has guided Julie to do what she loves and is so passionate about… getting ladies on bikes, enjoying the experience and coming back for more. As well as being the owner and founder of World Ride Julie also works as an ambassador for And She’s Dope Too the outdoor women’s collective, connecting women worldwide with friendship and adventure by offering retreats and rendezvous that are removed from comparison and competition. These events happen a few times per year and combine everything from hiking to stand-up paddle boarding and of course mountain biking, where Julie is the coach and guide.

It was via And She’s Dope Too Julie got the opportunity to travel to Nepal with a couple of fellow riders and a film crew to make a movie about three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy that mountain biking can give to women across the Himalayas. The movie is called Moksha and has been a great success, winning both best short documentary and best cinematography awards, plus being nominated for a tone more. With Julie’s love for travel and expertise in MTB coaching, she jumped at the chance to help and make a real difference in these ladies lives and the community they live in. After falling in love with the people and area of Nepal Julie knew she had to do more, and this is when she decided to start World Ride. World Ride has been going from strength to strength and has been growing every year, helping riders have an MTB adventure of a lifetime, guided by local riders and experiencing local traditions.

So sit back and find out how Julie is helping local female mountain bikers get on bikes, and just not in her home town of Moab but in Nepal and soon to be Guatemala too.

Find Out:

  • How Julie got interested in mountain biking
  • What her local scene is like in Moab, UT
  • What her experience was like working in male dominated bike shops
  • How this helped her find her passion for getting more females on mountain bikes
  • Why Julie loves guiding and coaching so much
  • How Julie helps, And She’s Dope Too and what they do
  • Julie’s first experience of Nepal and how she fell in love with it
  • Why Julie decided to start her own non-profit company after that trip
  • What World Ride does and how it is helping local communities in Nepal
  • Places Julie has travelled with her mountain bike
  • How you can help World Ride and get involved

It was great to get Julie on the show and share her experiences and travels. She has been fully submersed in the mountain bike scene for a number of years now and she has seen it change a lot over that time. When chatting with Julie it is easy to hear that she is super passionate about getting more ladies involved in mountain biking and showing them what great things it has to offer, and she is successfully doing this. We chat about ladies in mountain biking and what she thinks are the biggest hurdles for ladies getting involved in MTB, and why Julie thinks it has taken so long to get to this point. Julie strongly believes that there are move ladies getting involved in the scene and with her guiding job and World Ride she has the evidence to back this up.

Julie is also excited about what the future holds for ladies in mountain biking. She is noticing a lot of lady clinics popping up and teaching more than just riding skills. There are now clinics for bike maintenance and repair, helping you understand how your bike works and how to fix it when out on a ride. Julie believes this is a very important part in helping ladies feel more comfortable, not just with the riding aspect but also when looking at purchasing a new bike or gear, and with an understanding of what they require and how things work they will feel more comfortable in the process. We also chat about ladies specific bikes and how the brands seem to be moving away from this. It is a interesting topic but Julie believes that getting the correct size of bike, setting it up properly and then setting up your suspension correctly makes a massive difference to your riding and enjoyment, and I tend to agree. The debate will continue for a while I would think.

We chat about all these things and much more. Julie also tells us the exciting news that she is running her first World Ride adventure in Guatemala in November and hopes this is the beginning of a number of new destinations for World Ride. And with her passion and love for what she does I don’t think this will be to far in the distance future.

So if you are planning a trip for the future and want to make a difference to the local communities you are visiting, give World Ride a look, or if you simply want to donate to a great cause, check out World Ride’s details below.

Its time to put your feet up, pop on the headphones and find out what great things Julie is doing for ladies in mountain biking.

Enjoy the show!

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Thanks so much to Julie for coming on the show and for what she is doing in ladies mountain biking.

And thank you once again for tuning in. You ROCK!

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Moksha Trailer from AndShesDopeToo on Vimeo.