108 – Building A Scene And New Trails with Shronaboy Farm

108 – Building A Scene And New Trails with Shronaboy Farm

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Jason Murphy – Co Founder, Builder and Inspiration Behind Shronaboy Farm Bike Trails

On episode #108 we are chatting with Jason Murphy. Jason is the driving force behind the Shronaboy Farm Bike Trails that seem to have arrived on this small island of Ireland overnight. I hadn’t really heard of the Shronaboy Farm Bike Trails until they hosted the Munster Gravity Championships on the 14th July of this year. Robert from Freewheelin.ie reviewed the event on his website (read here) and said I had to get the guys on the podcast, so I took his advise and reached out. Thankfully Jason was kind enough to come on the show and tell us the story about how the trails came into being, what was the driving force behind stepping out and taking a risk building a trail centre in Killarney, Co.Kerry and how with the help of a few key people it quickly came together and quickly became the place to be.

Jason is quick to say that this would never have happened if it was not for the experience of Denis O’Shea. Denis has done so much for the mountain bike scene in and around the Killarney area and his bike shop, The Big Little Bike Shop helps sponsor the Shronaboy Farm Bike Trails. Jason is adamant that this project would never have happened if it was not for the input of Denis, so if you are in the area and need any bike parts or accessories call into Denis’s shop and show your support by spending a little money and saying thanks for everything Denis has done for the Irish mountain bike scene.

Tune in and check out how Jason and friends are building trails, hosting race events and planning exciting things for the near future of Shronaboy Farm Bike Trails.

Find Out:

  • Where Jason got the inspiration for the Shronaboy Farm Bike Trails
  • Why Conn, the farmer who owns the land was stocked to have mountain bike trails in his fields
  • How Jason and Denis went about building the trails
  • How the trails quickly took shape and riders were showing up wanting to ride
  • Why Shronaboy Farm decided to host three race events in 2019
  • How these events went and what the riders thought of the trails
  • What Jason learned from hosting these three events
  • Why the experience of Denis was so important in making these events a success
  • Why Jason thinks the trails have become so popular
  • What the trails are like
  • How many uplifts you get over the day
  • Prices and how to book your space
  • What Jason and his crew have planned for next season
  • How to get in contact and find out more

It is awesome to see new trails popping up in Ireland. We have it so lucky in this small island of Ireland and it is simply down to people like Jason and Denis, and they are not the only people doing great stuff for mountain biking in the North and South of Ireland, there are a tone of good people doing great stuff for the mountain bike scene across this island. If we look at this on a larger scale and look at the good this is doing for so many people we are truly blessed. From the trail centres to the bike clubs to the weekend warriors we all play a part in making this scene and bike community something special. Just look at the number of world class riders we have, and this is mostly down to the facilities and access to top class trails that are available to anybody that wants to use them. It is simply amazing. 

So, it was great to get Jason on the show to chat about these things and what it takes to create a new MTB scene and a uplift trail centre in an area were the scene had died over the last ten years. Jason is passionate about getting more accessible trails in and around his area for everybody to enjoy and take advantage of. This will make a huge difference to the local riders around Killarney. They will no longer have to travel a couple of hours to get to trails that they can ride in bad weather and not destroy. This is the advantage about manmade trails, you can ride them all year, not destroy them and have a blast in the rain. Shronaboy Farm is accomplishing this to the delight of the local riders and with the numbers booking on to ride increasing month on month it is only going to get bigger and better for all of us to enjoy.

If you are looking at somewhere new to ride or want a new uplift experience then give Shronaboy Farm a blast. From the footage I have seen (see below) you will not be disappointed. Tune in and find out what Shronaboy Farm has to offer and find out the exciting plans they have for the future of their facility.  

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!  

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