109 – MTB Awesome Trails In Malaga with Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb – Revisited

109 – MTB Awesome Trails In Malaga with Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb – Revisited

This episode (#50) first aired on Thursday 23rd August 2018

Todays Guest

Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb – Founder and Owner of Enduro Malaga

In today’s episode #109 we are chatting to Nathan McComb, a.k.a ‘The Lizard’. Nathan is originally from Castlewellan, Co. Down, but has been living in Malaga, Spain, for the last number of years. Nathan is well known for his trials style and antics on a mountain bike. So after watching many of his YouTube videos I was very happy to get him on the podcast.

Nathan has been a member of the Vitus First Tracks race team, managed by Glynn O’Brian, for a number of years. We chat about how he got involved with the Vitus team and how he managed, with little race experience, to be constantly standing on the podium. Nathan believes that his trails background helped him become the type of mountain biker he is today. We chat about why he ditched the trails bike for the mountain bike, why he loves mountain biking so much and what it’s like to be best friends with J-Mac, plus much more.

Find Out:

  • Nathan’s background in Moto Trials
  • What the Moto Trials scene is like
  • Why Nathan stopped trials riding
  • How Nathan started mountain biking
  • Why Nathan thinks his background in trials helped him jump on the mountain bike
  • How Nathan fell into the local scene
  • How Nathan’s first Enduro race went
  • Why Nathan races for the Vitus First Tracks Team & how that happened
  • Why Nathan now lives in Malaga, Spain
  • How Nathan started guiding in Spain
  • Why Nathan has started his own guiding company in Spain
  • What you can expect from booking a MTB holiday with Nathan
  • Why Nathan felt this was a natural move for him
  • How Nathan keeps his prices low for his Enduro holidays
  • How to get in contact with Nathan and Enduro Malaga

After successful race wins in the Enduro field Nathan can be seen in many a Vitus photo-shoot promoting the brand. We chat about how the award winning photo of him on a massive rock-shelf in the Mournes, Co. Down, came about and how they tried to replicate the picture many times. The photo has become so well known that many other people have also tried to capture the same image.

After leaving school, Nathan started mountain bike guiding in Spain (his home-from-home) and has worked for a few different companies within the guiding field. His experience has naturally evolved into him starting his own mountain bike guiding company, Enduro Malaga. We chat about his decision to make this change, the different packages he has on offer, the type of trails you can expect to ride, free coaching and his very competitive pricing structure- plus loads more info!

It was great to get Nathan on the show and I feel the podcast gives us more insight into his background and why he is so skilful on a mountain bike. So tune in, chill out and start planning you next mountain bike adventure with Enduro Malaga!

To Connect with Nathan and Enduro Malaga:

Website: www.enduromalaga.com

Facebook: enduromalaga

Instagram: enduromalagamtb

Nathan’s Facebook: nathan.mccomb


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Thanks so much to Nathan for coming on the show and sharing his story. Get yourself on a Malaga trip people!!

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