119 – Christmas Special – Glyn O’Brien Takes Over The MTB TRIBE PODCAST

119 – Christmas Special – Glyn O’Brien Takes Over The MTB TRIBE PODCAST

Todays Guest

Gareth Beckett – Host (normally) of the MTB TRIBE PODCAST

On episode #119 the master himself Glyn O’Brien takes over the podcast, becomes the host and interviews me for a Christmas Special (what’s this world coming to). Glyn reached out and asked if I would be up to doing some sort of Christmas special for the podcast and he came up with the idea of him interviewing me. I was up for it but to be totally honest, I was instantly nervous. This is something I have never really done before and especially on my own show. But considering it was the man himself Mr Glyn O’Brien, I knew I was in good hands.

We chat about a number of things including my background in surfing, why I started the podcast, who I would most love to interview for the show and a tone of other good stuff. I even get a question of my own in there, regarding Glyn being the first guy to ever bring a dig crew to Rampage!

You know, I never thought a couple of years ago when I started the podcast that Glyn O’Brien would be interviewing me, it is just so crazy how things happen and the direction things can go. Considering (and we chat about this on the show) that I was so stoked to get Glyn on the show back on episode #10 (listen here), and blown away when he actually said yes. This was a major highlight for the early days of the podcast and in my eyes gave the podcast a huge help in getting the core listener base. It was by far the most downloaded show to that date and listeners stated to get in contact and reach out to the podcast, it was amazing.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas special, its a little different but at least there are some laughs in there and it was great to get Glyn back on the show, even if he was the one doing the interviewing! Happy Christmas, thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How this crazy idea came about
  • Why both me and Glyn were nervous recording the show
  • My background in surfing and how I almost drowned a surf reporter
  • What the mountain bike scene has in common with surfing
  • Why I haven’t been on a bike in well over a year
  • When I plan coming back home to live in Portrush
  • What I plan to do with the podcast on my return
  • Who I would most like to get on the show
  • How Glyn was most likely the first person to take a dig crew to Rampage
  • What me and Glyn are both doing for Christmas (his is more interesting than mine)
  • Why I want you to tell me who you would like on the show
  • How you can get in contact and listen to the show

Thanks a bunch for tuning in and listening to the podcast, I really do appreciate it. I would just like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everybody that has been involved with the podcast over the last couple of years, whether it be as a guest, sharing the show to friends or simply getting in contact via socials, it makes a huge difference and without you guys out there listening and getting involved it would never have lasted this long.

Over the last couple of years when I have been more involved in the race scene for the podcast I have seen just how much talent and youthful talent at that, that we have in this very small country. And I think we need to shout about this that little bit louder. I will always try to promote the talent of racers we have in this country through the podcast, but what we have does not begin or end there. We have awesome trail networks, a fab community, great local characters, amazing events and so many passionate riders it simply is fantastic. We hit well above our weight, but this is only the beginning and more is to come.

I don’t know about you but I truly believe we have something special here in Ireland. The biker community is fantastic and I have never meet a more welcoming and friendly bunch than you guys, so thanks for letting me be apart of the scene. I hope to see you all very soon. Thanks again for all your support and not only for the podcast but for supporting the Irish and Northern Irish bike scene in general. Merry Christmas! 

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