121 – Brendan Conroy On 360s, Jibs, Winning The Junior Gravity Enduro Championship and Having Fun

121 – Brendan Conroy On 360s, Jibs, Winning The Junior Gravity Enduro Championship and Having Fun

Image: Colm keating @keatingcolm

Todays Guest

Brendan Conroy – Gravity Enduro Irish Junior Champion and a major Irish threat for the near future

On episode #121 we chat with Brendan Conroy about becoming the Irish Junior Gravity Enduro Champion, riding with the 50to01 crew, how he feels his racing season went, what he has planned for his 2020 race season and how he learned to jump a bike at age six, plus much more.

It was a pleasure to get Brendan on the show and at only 15 years of age the young man has a bright future ahead of him. I first heard Brendan chat about his 2019 race season success when Robert from Freewheelin’ had a chat with him after his overall Gravity Enduro Irish Junior Championship title win at Carrick. I was really impressed with how he talked about his season and his overall conclusion about how it had went and what he was thinking about for next season. I had to get him on the show to fill in the blanks for us. 

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • Why Brendan started mountain biking
  • How he was doing tricks from a very early age
  • How his first ever race was not planned
  • Why he got hooked when he started to race
  • How his older brother David was a great encouragement
  • When he started to film his tricks and post them on Instagram
  • How he got noticed by the 50to01 crew
  • How Brendan got invited to the Steel City Downhill Classic and won
  • What it was like meeting Steve Peat and his other hero’s
  • How Brendan’s 2019 race season went
  • How he felt after winning the Irish Junior Gravity Enduro Championship
  • If it has changed the way he looks at racing
  • What bike and gear Brendan uses
  • What his plans are for the 2020 race season

Brendan is another great example of the young Irish talent we have making their way through the ranks. And I know I keep harping on about it but it is simply amazing to have this level of talent in such a small country as the North and South of Ireland. I like getting these young rippers on the show because they are the future of the sport and if I can help them out in anyway through having them as a guest on the podcast I will do that.

I truly believe the youth don’t really get a fair bite at the media apple when it comes to recognition and coverage. They need this to help build sponsorship relationships to get that little injection of funds and help them attend races and overseas events etc., so hopefully through the podcast we can start the wheels turning in the right direction for these young talented riders.

At only 15 years of age Brendan has already achieved a lot. When he was around the age of ten he meet a number of his hero’s including Steve Peat. The guys were quickly taken by his bike skills and before he knew it, he was invited to attend and race at the Steel City Downhill Classic, which of course he won! He was then getting featured on the 50to01 website and has kept in contact with the crew ever since. We chat to Brendan about how this all came to be, what it was like meeting your hero’s at such a young age and how that has inspired him to race harder and faster by watching tape and taking notes on how these top guys ride.

We also chat to Brendan about his 2020 season, what he is going to do differently and what he has planned on his race calendar. We also chat about why keeping everything fun at this stage is of the upmost importance to him (and should be for all of us) and why Brendan believes if this mountain bike thing and race thing were not fun and enjoyable he simply wouldn’t do them.

So tune in, enjoy the show and find out what it is like to be super fast and loving it at age 15!

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Thanks so much to Brendan for coming on the show and sharing his story. Good luck in 2020 young man!

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