122 – Get Your Gravity Fix with The Gap Bike Park

122 – Get Your Gravity Fix with The Gap Bike Park

Todays Guests

Lisa and Matt – Owners and Founders of The Gap Glen Cullen Adventure Bike Park

On episode #122 we are chatting with Lisa and Matt the owners and founders of The Gap Bike Park. The Gap has only been on the go for the last few years but it has been received very well with the visiting numbers growing month on month. This is mainly due to the hard work of the crew, their passion for biking and their love for seeing people getting out and enjoying themselves on bikes. 

The park is located only fifteen minutes outside of Dublin via car so it’s location is perfect for that stress relief from the city, but The Gap also sees a good number of visitors from all over the island and from even across the water. The great thing about The Gap is that they have an uplift service, so you can make a real day of hitting as many trails and getting as many runs in as possible. There are both half day and full day packages available but make sure to go online and book your place as the spots sell out pretty quickly. So if you are planning a day out with a number of the lads make sure and plan well in advance.

It was great to get Lisa and Matt on the show and find out more about this great MTB facility and if you have yet to visit, make sure and give it a go this year. We find out more about the history of the park (which may surprise you), the trail networks, how the uplift service works, the amazing amount of new events planned for 2020 and there are some great ones you won’t want to miss, plus exciting news about increasing the trail network!

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • What The Gap was before being a bike park
  • How long The Gap has been running
  • What to expect as a first time visitor
  • What facilities are available
  • What the trails are like and who they are suited to
  • How the uplift service works
  • How to book and why to book early
  • The different uplift packages available and the prices
  • What kind of bikes The Gap rent (they are nice!)
  • How their 2019 Downhill League was received
  • Why the numbers were so good
  • What race events The Gap have for 2020
  • Exciting news for the future regarding trails, events and clubs (there are lots and they are good!)
  • How to get in contact, keep up to date with what is going on and book your uplift

Lisa, Matt and their team of staff are always pushing things forward. They are super keen to make the park bigger, better and more fun. Lisa took the bike by the bars last year and organised their first race series called the Downhill League. This was a little out of their comfort zone but after Lisa had a great racing experience at an event earlier in the year she decided it was something The Gap should be doing.  

The event was received really well with an unbelievable number of entries, so many that a number of people had to be turned away as all the places had been filled. For a first time run event this is an amazing achievement and it shows even though Ireland has a load of events happening over the season people are looking for more and The Gap seems to be filling that need extremely well.

Lisa and the crew are running this again starting 1st March so get your entries in now and not be disappointed, there are only so many entries available. This is just the beginning of a very exciting year of events and races etc. that The Gap are organising. The staff are not sitting on their hands that’s for sure, they are pushing the envelope and coming up with new events over the season including a first time Enduro for kids, getting the young rippers out there and helping the new youth get started even earlier. I think this will be more nerve wreaking for the parents than the kids!

They are also opening up The Gap MTB Club to the general public so you can get more involved with the park, join a social group and keep up to date with everything that is going on there, plus other perks. There are also plans to extend the trail network making runs longer by adding another five trails in a new area of the park. This is exciting news, the area is just getting bigger and better and we as mountain bikers are just so lucky to have such amazing facilities and have people like Lisa, Matt and Sinead to thank for running such a great spot.

So if you want to know more about The Gap, get on your first uplift, check out everything new that will be happening this season, or simply have a blast with a few friends for a day, tune in, chill out and have a listen to all the exciting news happening at The Gap Bike Park in 2020!



To Connect with The Gap:

Website: www.thegap.ie

Instagram: glencullenadventurepark

Facebook: GlencullenAdventurePark

LinkedIn: glencullen-adventure-park

Twitter: TheGapIE


Resources in this Episode:

Downhill League Entries: www.thegap.ie/the-gap-spring-downhill-league


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Thanks so much to Lisa and Matt for coming on the show, sharing their story and keeping the MTB scene alive and well with their great park!

Also a big shout out to Sinead for organising the chat and making it happen!

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