130 – Your MTB Gym Questions Answered By The Strength Factory

130 – Your MTB Gym Questions Answered By The Strength Factory

Todays Guest:

Ben Plenge – Founder and Owner of The Strength Factory 

On episode #130 we welcome back Ben from The Strength Factory to answer Your Questions regarding the best use of our gym time to help us with our love for MTB. Ben has been on the show a couple of times in the past, and I would suggest if you want more of a deep dive into how the gym can help us become fitter, faster and stronger riders, to name only a few benefits, then check out Ben’s other episodes below:

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This episode is all about answering the questions you kindly sent in regarding issues or queries you have about your gym workouts and how you can best make the gym work for you, helping you ride better, be stronger, get fitter and of course…have more fun!

There is something in here for everyone, even if you have never stepped on a bike before, this will get you started off on the right trail and have you keeping up with your long term riding budies in no time. Ben as always has some great advice to share, and with his years of experience training everyone from complete beginners to seasoned pro’s he knows how best to get you motivated and get the best out of your gym sessions.

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So pop those headphones in or turn up your speaker’s and let Ben answer your gym questions. 

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • Why Ben has been putting on muscle
  • Why Ben’s MTB Programmes have been doing so well
  • What questions were sent in by listeners’
  • How the gym can help us all become better riders
  • The things we do wrong when we go to the gym
  • What to do if you don’t have access to a gym
  • Why doing a specific gym workout helps with more than just fitness
  • How to get the great deal Ben has offered listeners
  • How to get in contact with Ben and The Strength Factory


Listener Questions:

1. Is the sauna good after a gym session and should I be using it or not? 15/20 minutes after my workout (5 times per week)? – James Ellis

2. Injury Prevention Exercises? –  Cooleymtb

3. How do I get motivated for gym sessions?  – Alex Johnson

4. How best to use interval training? – Kurt Stevens

5. Does cardio training work for endurance? – Dana Moore

6. Should you be working on Cardio training in the gym or strength training? – David Forsythe

7. Why do I keep getting arm pump and can I do something in the gym to help this stop? – Tommy McNeil

8. Does road training help with your MTB? – Me

9. How good is mountain biking for losing weight? (weekend warrior) – Michael B


It is always great to get Ben on the show and point us in the correct direction with our gym visits. Even if some of us don’t enjoy the gym and would prefer to be out riding our bikes (all of us), it is something that we all know can benefit our riding, make us fitter, safer and faster. Then of course there is that little thing called fun. Now, I beat that is why you do this thing, (throw yourself down mountains at great speeds) is simply for fun. How you personally get the fun part is up to you, it can simply mean riding with friends, being in nature, being away from that office desk, what ever way you get it, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get it.

For me at least, I know the gym helps with that. It makes me enjoy my weekend rides more, I am not dreading that climb and I have no arm pump at the end of that decent. Putting in that little gym time makes it all worth while and at the end of the day when you find the by-product being that you are faster and more confident on your rides, makes that gym session seem just that little more like fun.

So tune in, have a listen and see how the gym can help your riding along with listeners questions answered. And don’t forget to check out Ben’s very kind offer below.

A massive Thank You to all the people who sent in questions and for your continued support of the podcast, it means a lot and I hope we have helped with your gym quires!



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To Help Out The Show:

Thanks again to Ben for coming on the show, helping us with the gym stuff and giving you listeners a great promo deal!

Thank you once again for Listening.

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!


Resources in this Episode:

Following up on the question about injury prevention, check out these 2 videos that Ben made last year in response to the EWS Enduro Mountain Bike Medical Study.