133 – How To Get An Ambassadorship Deal – Advice From Grizzly Munro Diaries

133 – How To Get An Ambassadorship Deal – Advice From Grizzly Munro Diaries

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Todays Guest:

Sean Green – The man behind Grizzly Munro Diaries, mountain biking 282 Scottish Mountains and a hell of a brand ambassador

On this weeks episode #133 we are chatting with Sean Green from his Grizzly Munro Diaries about life, mountain biking mountains and how to go about getting that all important ambassadorship deal (or in Sean’s case, many ambassadorship deals).  

Sean was first on the show back in episode #57 (listen here), telling us about his Grizzly Munro Diaries adventure and mountain biking 282 Scottish Munro’s. That was almost one and a half years ago and he is still pushing forward, making his way through the target of 282. Since he was last on the show he has had some pitfalls, some crazy bad weather and his beloved Black Betty has ran her final trail adventure, but this has not put Sean off in any shape or form, he is still determined, motivated and ready for the next climb.

Sean fills us in on how his Grizzly Munro adventures are going and what he has been getting up to since last being on the show. We also chat in depth with Sean about how he managed to get so many brands to help him out and support his Munro’s, may it be through free gear or equipment and what this means to him as far as help and making this thing happen. Sean gives us great advice on how to reach out to different brands, what information to include in your first contact, how to be that little bit different, what to expect and how not to get discouraged. Plus much more!

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Find Out:

  • How Sean’s Grizzly Munro’s have been going
  • What problems Sean has encountered over the last year
  • Why it was never going to be a race
  • How Sean keeps motivated to complete these challenges
  • Why Sean reached out to brands for help
  • What Sean gets out of ambassadorship and how the brands help
  • How Sean helps the brands and makes it a win win situation
  • How contracts work differently for each brand
  • How to first get in contact with brands and stand out form the crowd
  • How to sell what you can offer and make it also a win for the brand
  • What this support means to Sean
  • How to get in contact and keep up to date with Sean’s adventures

It’s nice to get free stuff, but nothing is ever really free. You have to do something in return or you have to help out or benefit the giver in some way, but that’s ok. If it works out for both parties and is beneficial in their pursuits, and yours, then it’s a win for them and a win for you. And this is what Sean has been able to do. He has got some amazing support from brands helping him get gear and equipment free or at cut rate prices, gear that he needs to complete these Munro’s, but Sean has also given back. He is constantly tagging his sponsors in his media posts, he mentions the ambassadorship help he receives all the time and he is putting out great content. And it’s just not any old content, it is relevant to what he is doing, to what the brands signed on to receive.  

Nowadays it seems to easy to get an ambassadorship deal and just pump any old content on to social media and feel that that is good enough. But, the companies that Sean works with want more than that. They want to see their brand and products represented in a certain light, in a particular way that they feel works for their brand image and is targeting the correct audience in the correct way. This is what Sean has achieved, and it doesn’t come easy. Sean has sent hundreds of emails and spoken to many brands about becoming a brand ambassador, many times with no response or a simple NO. Sean’s advice is not to give up or get discouraged, after all these companies receive hundreds of ambassadorship requests per week, so you are going to get lost in the crowd from time to time. 

Sean tells us how best to approach companies and how to pitch your super powers that are beneficial to the brands mission and image, and that will work for both parties. Sean has some great tips on how to do this correctly, get noticed and hopefully get you sorted with a deal. So tune in and find out how you can get that ambassadorship deal you have always wanted.

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Thanks again to Sean for coming on the show, keeping us up to date with his Grizzly Munro Diaries and giving us advice for getting that ambassadorship deal. Good luck for 2020 bud!

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