135 – Giving Back with 6SEVEN Factory Racing

135 – Giving Back with 6SEVEN Factory Racing

Todays Guest:

Paul Judd – Founder and Owner of 6SEVEN Factory Racing

On episode #135 we are chatting with Paul Judd, who is the founder and owner of the very cool race apparel brand called 6SEVEN Factory Racing. I reached out to Paul after seeing his brand on the backs of many a rider across social media and asked if he would be keen to come on the show and tell us more about his brand, his passion for riding, racing and giving back to his local race and rider community.

Paul was kind enough to say yes, come on the podcast and share his story about why he started the brand, how he has built it’s popularity, his vision for the brand, how he comes up with designs, production, future plans and why he believes giving back to his local community plays such a large part in why the brand is still here and steadily growing.

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Find Out:

  • Pauls background in the racing scene
  • How he got interested in mountain biking
  • Where he got the idea to start an MTB brand
  • How 6SEVEN Factory Racing got started
  • Why customer demand drove the direction of the brand
  • Why Paul decided to change the business model and use drop shipping
  • How Paul keeps motivated to run a full time business on a part time basis
  • How Paul gets his designs for his products
  • How the 6SEVEN logo came about
  • Why Paul gives back and supports the race scene and his local rider base
  • Pauls future plans for 6SEVEN
  • How you can get involved and find out more about 6SEVEN Factory Racing

I love chatting to people who follow their passions and have tuned that passion into a side gig, a part time business, something that they have built over the years and have built it, not off the back of hopefully becoming rich but because they love doing it, they love being involved in the scene and they love giving back to that scene. And this is what Paul has managed to do. He started 6SEVEN Factory Racing simply because he wanted to do something within the MTB scene that would allow him to give something back, support race series, local riders and have a bit of fun and stoke while doing it. This is how things become a success, people have a passion for what they are doing, don’t look at it as work, get a kick out of it and have a blast while doing it. After chatting with Paul I truly believe he has achieved this with 6SEVEN. He does this for the love and not the money or financial return.

6SEVEN has achieved a large following and has a diehard customer base who truly believe in the brand, what it stands for and what 6SEVEN is doing for his local crew of riders and ambassadors and Paul enjoys this side of the industry very much. Paul had decided to change the way he manufactures his brand by introducing drop shipping into the mix. This has allowed him to expand the range of available products, introduce a kids range and items that his local customers have been asking for, like snapback caps and vests. It also helps a huge deal with cash flow and stock levels and lets you the customer get a better range of your favourite product.

6SEVEN is still manufactured, printed and made in the UK. This is another important aspect for Paul that he can help create jobs for people in the UK and if there are any issues he can pop up the road and visit his manufacturer to get any issues sorted out. Paul has planned loads of new designs for 2020 and the brand seems to be growing and getting better with every idea and product. At the moment Paul has decided to stop deliveries because of the Coronavirus problems, taking pressure of workers at the manufacturers and helping everybody stay safe over this time. But Paul has plenty planned for the 2020 season and when it all kicks off to get out there and support riders anyway he can. The 6SEVEN website is still live and available for you to have a look around and plan your new riding gear for this upcoming summer. Keep an eye on socials and as soon as the website is open for orders you will find out there.

So, chill out and have a listen to how 6SEVEN Factory Racing has become so popular, is there to mainly give back and help the MTB scene however it can.

Enjoy the show!


To Connect with Paul and 6SEVEN Factory Racing:

Website: 6seven.co.uk

Instagram: 6sevenfactoryracing

Facebook: 67SIXSEVEN

YouTube: 6SEVEN Factory Racing


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