136 – Riding High In Nepal with Epic Shangrila Adventure

136 – Riding High In Nepal with Epic Shangrila Adventure

Today Guest:

Ram Gurung – Founder of Epic Shangrila Adventure

On episode #136 we are chatting with Ram Gurung who is the founder and main guide of his very cool MTB guiding company based in Nepal called Epic Shangrila Adventure. We chat to Ram about the mountain bike scene in Nepal, what his trails are like, what you can expect riding there, the different local cultures, how visiting mountain bikers are helping with the local community and how you can have a trip of a lifetime with Ram and Epic Shangrila Adventure.

Ram was born and raised in Nepal and can remember his first experience of seeing a mountain bike when he was chasing visiting mountain bikers down his local mountains. Since those very early years he was hooked and knew he wanted mountain bikes to play a part in his life. He finished his schooling and got a job working in the growing tourist industry as a porter, but he never forgot about chasing those mountain bikes down the mountain, so when the opportunity came along he partnered with a friend, got into guiding, got his guiding qualifications and started guiding visiting tourists.

The company has changed a good bit since those early days but Ram still guides, is in love with what he does and is passionate about giving his guests a trip of a lifetime, and after listening to the podcast and hearing Ram’s awesome attitude you will understand why his guests return year after year.  

Enjoy the show and be ready to get stoked!

Find Out:

  • Ram’s feelings as a kid after seeing mountain bikers for the first time
  • How this encounter shaped Ram’s career
  • Why Ram set up Epic Shangrila Adventure
  • Why Ram is in love with mountain biking
  • How Ram employs local riders to help with guiding
  • Why Ram still guides most trips and doesn’t want to be sitting behind a desk
  • What you can expect from a Epic Shangrila Adventure trip
  • The different options you have when booking a trip
  • The amazing single track trails you will experience
  • Awesome and beautiful cultures you will experience
  • How you will experience local communities
  • What you need to bring on a trip to Nepal
  • Why Ram has guests revisiting from all over the world
  • How to get in contact with Ram and book your trip (you won’t be disappointed)

If you haven’t seen images of Nepal do yourself a favour and check out Ram’s social posts (see below). The scenery is just amazing and the area looks like a mountain biking Mecca. I must admit when Ram posts up images of his office view for the day, I can’t believe how beautiful the mountains of Nepal look and how cool it would be to be in this environment everyday. Ram gets clients (or friends as he calls them) from all areas but America, Europe, UK and Australia would be the most popular. Ram is very happy to introduce his visiting friends into the local communities and is so happy he can help local businesses through Epic Shangrila Adventure get some extra income.

In fact, this is one of Ram’s dreams, to give more back to his local community through guiding mountain bikers around his beautiful country, but he doesn’t want to stop at just supporting restaurant’s and B&B’s etc… he wants to take this a number of steps further by supporting social schooling and health systems in the mountains and help build a better future for the youth in his area. This is a awesome attitude to have and so refreshing to hear about.

We chat to Ram about getting visa’s, health insurance and what gear you need to bring. This all seems very straight forward and made easy for the visiting biker. Ram and Epic Shangrila Adventure make this part of your trip also as easy as possible with support vehicles, accommodation, meals and local guiding experiences. The great thing about Ram and his company is that if you reach out for more information or get in contact through socials you will be chatting with Ram himself and get first hand advice on what to expect and any further information you may require. So don’t be scared to get in contact and find out more about Ram and his awesome guiding company.

If you need to escape your local lockdown and visit somewhere special like Nepal just pop the headphones on, tune in and have a listen to what this beautiful country and Epic Shangrila Adventure have to offer. You may just find yourself booking that trip of a lifetime!

Thanks for being here and enjoy the show!


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Thanks to Ram for coming on the show, sharing his story and keeping us all stoked for riding and visiting awesome area’s like Nepal!

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