138 – Travel The World, Make Films & Ride Mountain Bikes with Tito Tomasi

138 – Travel The World, Make Films & Ride Mountain Bikes with Tito Tomasi

Todays Guest:

Tito Tomasi – On travelling the world, making films, riding mountain bikes, surfing, making amazing art, washing in rivers and ‘Las Americas’ the story of a road trip, plus much more.

On episode #138 we are chatting with Tito Tomasi about travelling the world, following his passions, working with bike brands and filming his adventures along the way. Tito is super passionate about life and it shows in everything that he does, from filming his adventures to his drawings and sketches, everything is filled with passion and all that life can bring. We had been trying to set this interview up for some time but as Tito was in the middle of his American road trip and I had limited free time, we couldn’t quite make it work, but in the end everything worked out for the best as we got to chat with Tito after returning home and becoming a new dad.

Tito knew from an early age that he wanted to follow his passions that included two wheels when possible. He has always loved travelling and exploring new places off the beaten track, pushing and testing himself along the way. Tito doesn’t do your normal run of the mill holidays, he doesn’t visit bike parks for a week or lie on a beach, no sir, he finds remote locations were he thinks he may be able to ride his bike, plans an A to B route and heads off. No company (most of the time), no phone and the bare minimum of reserves…Tito likes to make use of the small villages or towns he may find on his journey to stock up and hopefully see him good until his next stop along the way.

Join us as we chat about bikes, working with brands, amazing adventures, making movies and following life’s trail on two wheels.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Tito got interested in mountain biking
  • When he decided that bikes would always play a part in his life
  • How Tito got the travelling bug
  • Why he decided to film his adventures
  • His love for art (go check it out, it’s very cool)
  • Where Tito gets his passion for meeting new people
  • Why Tito likes being in remote places so much
  • Brands Tito works with
  • How these brands help Tito follow his passions
  • ‘Las Americas’ the story of a road trip and how this came about
  • Why Tito decided to visit America
  • Some of Tito’s other adventures and record breaking rides on his mountain bike
  • What it is like living in the Pyrenees
  • Tito’s guiding job and why this may play a larger part in his near future
  • How Tito feels becoming a dad
  • What Tito has next planned for his adventures
  • How to follow Tito and what he has got going on

It is really great to chat with someone like Tito who loves what they are doing and comes across with so much passion about the path they have chosen. Tito is not in this for the money because there isn’t that much, but this does not matter to Tito, as long as he can support his family and have the odd little luxury now and then he is fine with that. But life has never been about chasing money for Tito, it is about living, doing the things you love, inspiring people to do better, and enjoying this short time we have on this earth. Tito carries this wherever he goes and it shows in his films, his art and everything he chooses to do.

Tito doesn’t really fit this corporate world, this growth and maximise profits society that we all allow ourselves to get sucked into. Tito chooses his own path and this he will never change. We chat about how the brands and companies that help him follow his passions and lifestyle understand the direction he is coming from and going. Tito also chooses carefully who he decides to work with, making sure they have a moral compass, are passionate about the planet we live on and are doing what they can to make things better. Urge are a great example with their helmets being produced from recycled materials and their packaging etc..being 100% recycled. We chat about how more brands need to be doing this and making more of an effort to produce their products from sustainable sources. We also chat about how Patagonia are doing this with their new mountain bike range!  

Tito has lots planned for the near future. He is spending his downtime over this lockdown period converting his van into a camper for the families next road trip and has plans to visit far and wide. I believe Pakistan will find it’s way on there! Tito has filmed a large amount of his biking adventures for his YouTube channel and it is filmed in a very cool way. Not your typical ride hard and fast type of filming, but in a very relaxing, chilled out way, taking in the surrounding areas, scenery and showing you the complete package. Very much from a road trip perspective which is refreshing to watch. One thing you will notice from watching Tito’s films is that he can ride a bike, some of the trails are not for the faint hearted, they are steep and loose, with death defying consequences but with Tito’s style and handling skills, he makes them look all to easy.

So it’s time to press play, tune in and hear Tito’s story about riding bikes, making movies and enjoying yourself, while helping people along the way.

Thanks for tuning in!


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Website: titotomasi.fr


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