146 – How To Get Started On Your MTB Journey with Adam Copley PT

146 – How To Get Started On Your MTB Journey with Adam Copley PT

Todays Guest:

Adam Copley – Personal Trainer specialising in MTB and helping you get ready for the trails.

On episode #146 we are chatting with personal trainer Adam Copley. Adam runs his own Personal Trainer business out of the UK, focusing mainly on mountain biking, posture correction, mental wellbeing and anything else that will help you get out and hit the trails with more confidence and stoke.

Adam has been a personal trainer for a number of years and has worked with all types of clients helping them achieve all types of different goals, but mountain biking is where his passions lie. He started mountain biking when he was a kid, building jumps in his local forest and spending most of his time messing about on bikes with his mates. After University and everything else that comes with early adult life, Adam lost touch with mountain biking but when he got his career path heading in the right direct, mountain biking would again play a large part in his life.

We chat to Adam about how the Covid pandemic has effected his PT business and the positives he has taken out of it to help build new relationships and connections. We also chat about how you can best get started on your mountain bike journey regarding bikes, trail riding, gym workouts and what mistakes to avoid. To finish we touch on why it is important to look after our trails, help with maintenance and take our rubbish home.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • What came first for Adam: the bike or the gym
  • How Adam got started in mountain biking
  • Why he decided to specialise in mountain bike specific personal training 
  • What kind of clients Adam gets
  • Adam’s advice with starting mountain biking
  • What best to do in the gym to help with the bike when you are in the beginning stages
  • What not to do and things to avoid
  • How to advance your gym sessions when you get more experienced on the bike
  • Why the gym is important in helping you enjoy your riding more
  • Why trail etiquette is important
  • The does and don’ts of trail riding
  • Why trail maintenance is important and why you should get involved
  • How to get in contact with Adam

With so many people getting into mountain biking since the Covid pandemic it is important to remember that we may see an increased number of new riders hitting the trails. Adam has seen his own local trails get much busier over the last few months, but in keen to state that this is a good thing. It is great to see new people coming into the sport, more numbers on the trails means more money in the industry, more money being spent in local stores, and hopefully more money being spent on facilities and trail development. This can only be a good thing for all involved.

The downside to this may be the fact that the trails will be busier with more users and if many of them are new to the sport or getting back into it after a number of years, there may be the odd occasion that you may get stuck behind a slower rider. I think the thing to remember here is that we all had to start at some time and we were all at the beginner level at some stage, so let us use this to show the beginners that the mountain bike community are a kind bunch who won’t ride over the top of you or shout aggressively at you to get out of the way. Let us help when we can and encourage these people to enjoy the trails, get involved in their local MTB community and enjoy this past time so many of us do. At the end of the day the more the merrier right?

We have a good chat about this on the podcast and talk about why it is important, even from the trail maintenance side of things and how we need to set a good example to beginners starting off on their mountain biking journey. Adam also lends us his expertise on how to best to get started on your mountain biking journey, how to best incorporate gym sessions into this new found passion and why the gym will help you with your overall enjoyment when out riding the trails. So if you are a beginner and need some great advice on how to best get started and enjoy your mountain bike experience so much more, tune in and have a listen, you will find some helpful information that will help you enjoy the trail even more.

Thanks for being here and tuning into the show and if you are a beginner welcome to a awesome community, an awesome sport, hobby, past time or whatever it may be for you and enjoy the ride!


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