153 – Getting People Excited To Go Ride Their Bike with Frankd MTB Apparel

153 – Getting People Excited To Go Ride Their Bike with Frankd MTB Apparel

Todays Guest:

Francis Staude – Founder and Owner of Frankd MTB Apparel

On episode #153 we are chatting with Francis Staude, the Founder and Owner of the Australian MTB apparel brand, Frankd. I have been following Frankd on social media for some time and have really liked the look of their designs and the gear they are producing. The one thing that really caught my eye was how inexpensive their clothing is, everything from riding jerseys to technical shorts, their stuff is great value.

So that got me thinking…how can a seemly small brand compete and produce products as good, if not better than of the the large industry players? So I reached out and asked Francis if he would be keen to come on the show and tell us the story of Frankd, how it started, community support, product lines, future plans and how Frankd can produce a great looking, performing and low priced technical garment to enjoy while on the trails.

Francis has also been kind enough to offer all MTB TRIBE listeners 15% OFF on the Frankd MTB Apparel website!

Tune into the show, or visit the show notes or the Resources Page for more information.

So tune in and find out more about the riding scene in Perth, Western Australia, why Francis decided to start his own MTB clothing company in his spare time and how he manages to keep his prices so low.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Francis started his mountain bike journey in the UK
  • What the MTB scene is like in Perth
  • Why the community means so much to what Francis is doing with the Frankd brand
  • Why Francis decided to start Frankd
  • How he started the process and got riding socks manufactured
  • How he designs and tests every product (with the help of friends) before getting it manufactured
  • How he keeps his costs low
  • The communication relationship he has made with his suppliers
  • Environmentally friendly materials he is looking at for future designs
  • How the Frankd AirTech fabric works
  • Where to get your hands on some Frankd gear
  • How to follow what Frankd is doing and get in contact


Now normally when you are starting a company, especially a clothing company you are at an immediate disadvantage, this is for a number of reasons. Firstly you are not sure (even after validating your product or idea) that it will work or if people will actually buy it. Secondly, you have to order minimums to see what really works and what your customer really wants, this can be anything from size to colour etc.. The problem with this is that you don’t have economies of scale on your side, meaning your unit costs are more, which normally equals a higher price per item to the consumer. To achieve economies of scale you simply have to order more product from your suppliers, but as a start up this requires more capital and risking more money on a product you are not even sure will work, so all that hard earned money (and time) could simply end up sitting in your back bedroom. So how has Frankd managed to manufacture small quantities and keep their prices low?

I believe the answer lies with Francis and how he has managed to build up a great working relationship with his suppliers. Not only that, but for somebody with no experience in the fashion or manufacturing industry he has been very smart in how he initial dealt with his suppliers. You see, he didn’t simply go for the first supplier he contacted, he reached out to a number of different suppliers and through a process of elimination he finally came down to a couple he knew he could work with and trust, helping him create a great product. At the end of the day Francis’s vision for the brand was to produce a product that looked good, was comfortable to wear and was at a reasonable price, a price that everyone could afford, and to achieve this he would need to work with the correct suppliers helping him turn his vision into a reality.

Francis has also taken it upon himself to design the products, packaging, website and everything else that goes into producing a clothing brand, helping him keep his overheads as low as possible. Francis believes that giving back and supporting his local community is really important, and helps out wherever and whenever he can. For example, when Australia was dealing with devastating bush fires, Frankd donated money to help with the relief efforts, even though this had nothing to do with mountain biking, it was the right thing to do to help and support his local community that he loves and enjoys so much.

Francis also shares future plans for the brand and how this includes environmentally friendly materials and products that will last and not damage this awesome environment we all love and require to enjoy our passion of mountain biking. So join us as we find out how you can start an MTB clothing brand, help out your local community and enjoy it while doing it with Francis and Frankd MTB Apparel.

Don’t forget Francis has also been kind enough to offer all MTB TRIBE listeners 15% OFF on the Frankd MTB Apparel website!

Tune into the show, or visit the show notes or the Resources Page for more information.

To claim your discount simply type the following promo code in at checkout: MTBTRIBE (all uppercase) to receive your 15% Off. The promo code is only available until 9th September so don’t miss out!

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