158 – Shredding In The Shed with Andy Coburn

158 – Shredding In The Shed with Andy Coburn

Today’s Guest:

Shred In The Shed Host – Andy Coburn

On episode #158 it was my pleasure to join Andy on his live Facebook show, Shred In The Shed. I have known Andy for almost a couple of years and had him on the podcast back on episode #83 (listen here). 

Episode #83 with Andy is still one of the best downloaded episodes. It is full of funny stories from when Andy started mountain biking and is full of encouragement as Andy tells us how mountain biking changed his life for the better. We also chatted about how he felt winning the 2018 Northern Ireland Scout Leader Award, plus lots more.

So when Andy invited me up to be a guest on his popular show called Shred In The Shed, I couldn’t resist. I knew it would be a blast, a good laugh and something different. This time I would be in front of the camera (not a strong point of mine) and not hiding behind a microphone, but I knew I would enjoy it and have a bit of craic at the same time.

So join Andy and myself as we chat about bikes, flats vs clipless, carbon vs aluminum, 27.5 or 29er, favourite trials and much much more.

To watch the Facebook live video please visit the show notes.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • Why I started the MTB TRIBE PODCAST
  • What I have been upto over the last couple of years
  • What bike I ride
  • What bike I would like
  • Our thoughts and listeners thoughts on carbon vs aluminum
  • Why Andy will never buy a aluminum frame again
  • What bike Andy is thinking of upgrading to
  • Flats vs clipless & why we both ride flats
  • The most expensive bike we sold while I was working in a bike store
  • What we think about wheel size and what we ride
  • Listeners thoughts on wheel size
  • Andy’s favourite trails
  • Where we would most like to ride
  • Plus lots more!


It was a blast to be on Shred In The Shed with Andy. I really enjoyed our evening and had a great time chatting bikes and everything that goes along with it. The show lasted the guts of two hours, but when you start talking bikes and have the listeners and viewers getting involved you could chat all night, it is just such an interesting sport to be involved in and there is a tonne of exciting stuff happening in the industry at the moment, so there is never a dull moment. 

I was surprised with the amount of people that tuned in, especially on a Friday evening with not really much planning or weekly schedule in place, it just goes to show how popular Andy is as a local rider and what he brings to the local scene with sharing his knowledge, craic and good vibes is very much appreciated. It also shows us that the local scene in the North and South of Ireland is alive and well. We just love our bikes, hitting trails and getting that all important ride in with old and new friends alike is what it is all about. We have a very strong mountain bike community and it is something we should be very proud of. Let’s keep it up!

If you are also looking at getting into mountain biking and want local information on trails, rideouts or just general information, check out Andys Facebook page ‘MTB For Fun NI’ (see link below), it has loads of great information and a great way to get more involved in the local scene.

So join Andy and myself as we chat bikes (some bad language included!), trails, holidays, loves and likes, plus much much more.

Thanks for being here!


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Thanks to Andy for inviting me on Shred In The Shed, it was a blast!!

And thanks to you for being part of the show!

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