160 – Moving At Full Throttle with Pinned TV

160 – Moving At Full Throttle with Pinned TV

Today’s Guest:

Jim Buchanan – Host of his very cool MTB YouTube Channel, Pinned TV

On episode #160 we are chatting with Jim Buchanan about his very popular YouTube channel called Pinned TV. We chat about how Jim got into mountain biking, working with Dirt Magazine and MBUK, how he fell out of love with mountain biking for a number of years before returning to the scene and realising that things had changed, with better bikes, better trails and a new thing called enduro.

We chat about how these things made Jim start Pinned TV and how the channel has been growing steadily over the last number of years. Jim is once again stoked on mountain biking and loves connecting with his audience, keeping people involved in the local scene and reviewing products etc…etc…

Jim has never really had a vision for his channel, he prefers to let things happen organically and see where things lead. Jim covers a tonne on the channel including weekly vlogs, product reviews, bike checks and how-to’s, along with interviews, race coverage and all sorts of interesting content.

So join us as we chat bikes, races, Pinned TV and much more.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Jim found his way to mountain biking
  • How he got involved in the downhill race scene
  • What the scene was like back then
  • The kind of money some of the riders were earning racing back in the day
  • What Jim’s local scene is like now and how it looked then
  • How the scene has changed over the years
  • How he came to be writing for Dirt Magazine and MBUK
  • Why he stopped riding and racing mountain bikes
  • Why the moto motorbike scene appealed to him
  • The differences Jim found in the moto scene from the MTB scene
  • How the enduro style of racing got Jim back interested in mountain biking
  • Why Jim decided to start Pinned TV (and what it was called beforehand)
  • How the channel has changed over the years
  • How Jim makes money from the channel
  • Why the channel would not happen without sponsors
  • How to get in contact and follow what Jim and the Pinned TV crew are up to


It is great to see Jim has got his enthusiasm back for mountain biking, it is an exciting time for the industry and sport, with record numbers of bikes being sold and more people hitting the trails, and I believe this is one of the main reasons Jim got back into the sport. There was this thing called enduro, it was different, everybody could have a go, you didn’t need a specific bike even a hard tail would do (to begin!) and it appealed to the weekend warrior and a tonne more types of riders. 

We chat about the growth of the enduro scene and how it has really helped push the sport forward in terms of getting more people involved, and more people on trails, but it has also seen the bike brands push their bike technology to an amazing level. The bikes we see now are just unbelievable, we have a number of different brands to choose from, the lower priced bikes are getting much better and components are getting better with each year. It is a great scene to be involved in at the moment and I think it will continue for a number of years.

This is one thing I enjoy about Jim’s channel, he brings this stoke and excitement of being involved in the industry into his videos. It is not hard to see that he is back in love with mountain biking, and running the Pinned TV channel is just a part of him sharing that love for the sport and the people involved, including his son Tod, who helps loads and has taken over a load of the daily running of the show. As Jim says it himself, he loves chatting to people when out on the trails and he still finds it amazing when somebody approaches him and tells him how much they enjoy his videos and channels. It makes it all worthwhile.

So put your feet up and find out more about Jim and his YouTube channel Pinned TV, how it all started and some of the things he would like to do with the channel in the near future.

Thanks for being here!


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