162 – Free Ride Never Dies with Jordan Boostmaster

162 – Free Ride Never Dies with Jordan Boostmaster

Today’s Guest:

Jordan Olthuis – AKA Jordan Boostmaster, bringing us some of the coolest MTB videos on YouTube

On episode #162 we are chatting with Jordan Olthuis, aka Jordan Boostmaster about his super popular YouTube channel, his local scene south of Vancouver BC, riding trails, making movies, dealing with concussion and the future direction for his channel. Plus tonnes more.

If you had to guess where the MTB capital of the world is, I don’t think you would be too far off if you said Whistler, Canada. Jordan grew up a couple of hours south of Whistler and has seen the Whistler Bike Park change a good bit over the years. In fact he has seen the whole scene change lots over the years from, kid and lady specific bikes to lots more ladies and kids getting involved in the sport. 

Joran loves his local scene and if you have watched any of his locally filmed YouTube videos you will know why. His trails look amazing and in a large part they remind me of a larger Ireland, trees, rocks, sniper roots and some amazing loam (and of course rain).

Join us as we chat about local trails around the BC area, why Jordan loves making videos and how his YouTube channel has grown to over 225,000 subscribers!

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Jordan got into mountain biking
  • What it was like growing up in the Vancouver BC area
  • What the scene was like back then compared to now
  • How Joran has seen the Whistler scene change over the years
  • Why Jordan never really got into the race scene
  • Why Jordan wanted to start a YouTube channel
  • What jobs Jordan was working before going full time on his channel
  • How Jordan decides what to film 
  • How long it takes to edit a episode for his channel
  • Where his idea for using voice overs came from
  • How a concussion issue has stopped Jordan hitting some of the bigger jumps he is known for
  • Why Jordan loves getting his friends involved in the channel
  • Why Jordan still loves makes films and running his channel
  • How to find out more about Jordan and what he is up to

Talking to Jordan you can tell he is super passionate about what he does. He loves making movies for his channel, loves getting his friends involved and simply loves riding his bike and being out in nature, and I really think it comes across on his videos. His videos are entertaining, really well edited and yes, he can ride. He isn’t called Boostmaster for nothing. In saying that Jordan also rides stuff that the weekend warrior (like me) could ride and talks you through, via his very cool ‘voice over’ editing, how to best tackle the bigger or stepper stuff. So we too can have a go!

It took Jordan a number of years working part time jobs (so he could concentrate on his channel) before the channel became viable to go at it full time. Jordan always knew he wanted to work on the channel full time and with his passion and not rushing into it he has steadily grown the channel to over 225,000 subscribers and gets well over 100,000 episode views. 

With the help of Jordans Patreon supporters (which he appreciates 100%) he can now run the channel full time bringing more content and better quality videos to his followers. Jordan himself admits that he doesn’t look for sponsors for the show as that would change the way he would have to do things, losing a bit of control, but instead he relies on his Patreon supporters to help the channel survive. Jordan wants to say a massive thank you to all you guys and girls out there…you know who you are!

Jordan chats to us about a concussion issue he has been having lately and how it has changed (for now) the way he is riding and how he thinks about hitting surtain jumps and some of the bigger stuff he would have been doing beforehand. Jordan is very open about the struggles this has brought and how it has been completely different from any injury he has had in the past. But thankfully the worst of it is over and he has been very sensible in how he has been dealing with it, and I am sure it will not be long until he is back in Boostmaster mode!

So put your feet up for an hour, tune in and have a listen to what it’s like running a MTB YouTube channel full time and how you can find out more.

Thanks for your support and for being here!


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YouTube: JordanBoostmaster

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Instagram: jordanboostmaster

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Thanks to Jordan for coming on the show and sharing his story.

And thanks for tuning in once again and being a part of the podcast!

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