164 – Host of The Enduro World Series Super Stars – Ric McLaughlin

164 – Host of The Enduro World Series Super Stars – Ric McLaughlin

Today’s Guest:

Host of the Enduro World Series, Ric McLaughlin

On episode #164 we are chatting with Ric McLaughlin, the host and man behind the Enduro World Series highlights show. We chat about how he got involved in the mountain bike media scene, how he was chucked in at the deepend and thrown behind a microphone, what his recording schedule is like, how the pro’s felt about getting back to racing and how Covid affected Ric’s recording schedule this season. Plus much much more!

To us mountain bikers it may seem like the dream job, travelling the globe, following the enduro race scene and hanging with the pro’s, and getting paid for it, but deep down we all know that being away from family and friends and living out of a bag for a large chunk of the year is not all it’s cut out to be. And this is what Ric has been doing for the last several years in bringing us coverage of the EWS. With all that said, Ric loves his job, is super passionate about the sport and I have a feeling he wouldn’t change it for the world.

So join us as we find out what it is like chasing after the pro’s, working for the Enduro World Series and having to step outside your comfort zone to test ride the enduro world trails for our enjoyment.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How the 2020 session has gone
  • How the pro’s felt about getting back to racing
  • How the E-Series was received and how Ric believes this will grow and become very popular
  • How Ric got involved in the mountain bike media scene
  • What it was like working for MBUK
  • How he landed a job at Red Bull Media House
  • How Ric got his start covering the UCI race scene
  • How he was chucked in at the deepend on his very first live recording
  • How Ric and the EWS crew plan and cover a weekends enduro racing and the difficulties that come with it
  • How Ric has built up a relationship with the riders and goes about getting a short interview with them after their runs (not the easiest thing in the world)
  • What the EWS crew are like to work with
  • The problems faced this season with the Covid pandemic
  • What the EWS has planned for 2021 
  • How to get in contact with Ric and find out more about the EWS

It was awesome to get Ric on the show and find out a little more about how the Enduro World Series works, the crazy schedule involved and how covering a weekend of racing takes a lot of planning, organisation and long days to bring us the content we read and watch with anticipation. 

It has been a tough year for Ric and the EWS crew with having to reschedule events and cancel races etc…there is a huge amount of moving parts that have to work together to bring us the EWS events thats we all love and look forward to, and with everything that has been going on I think the whole EWS team done a magnificent job in bringing us a number of events and exciting races. 

Ric now works full time for the EWS and is very passionate about this job, the race scene and everything else that goes with it. You may think that because the Enduro World Series is only on over several months of the year that Ric gets to put his feet up, ride bikes and live the life of reilly over the winter months, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The season never ends for Ric and the organisers of the EWS, once one season is over, it is straight back into organising the upcoming season and getting everything in place for the following year. It is a 12 month cycle that never ends, but in part that is one of the reasons why the EWS has grown, is so popular and gets better each year. It is simply because of the passion and dedication of the small team of people that make this thing happen each year and keep pushing the boundaries to make it bigger and better each season.

Ric has had an exciting journey to this point in his life and with the future plans the EWS has in store for us, I do believe the journey is nowhere close to being over. So tune in, put your feet up for an hour and find out more about Ric’s journey to the EWS, future plans and how you can get involved.

Thanks for being here.


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Thanks to Ric for coming on the show and sharing his mountain bike journey.

And thanks for tuning in once again and being a part of the podcast!

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