165 – Wrenching For YT and Living For Adventure with Adam Kubis

165 – Wrenching For YT and Living For Adventure with Adam Kubis

Today’s Guest:

YT Industries mechanic, adventure rider and www.defeatyourlimits.com blog creator –  Adam Kubis

On episode #165 we are chatting with Adam Kubis about being a YT Industries mechanic, riding the TranAlp and working and living the mountain bike lifestyle in Whistler, BC. 

Adam has been into riding bikes from an early age and ever since leaving school has always tried to include mountain biking in his life. However after working as an engineer for a couple of years and deciding that it wasn’t really for him, he made the decision to follow his passion and head to Whistler to become a bike mechanic.

After working in a bike shop and attending school for a couple of years Adam made the move and got a job as a mechanic for YT Industries at their headquarters in Germany. Being so close to the Alps Adam took full advantage and planned a 7 day ride over the TransAlps by himself, spent everyday in the saddle (unless he was hike-a-biking) and documented it all in his very cool blog.

So join Adam and myself as we talk bikes, mechanicing, adventure, almost freezing to death and what he has planned in the near future.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Adam got into mountain biking
  • What the biking scene is like in Slovakia
  • How Adam got into the downhill scene and raced for a local team
  • What his first full suspension bike was like
  • Why he decided to leave his job and follow his passions
  • Why Adam decided on Whistler as his destination
  • What living a mountain bike lifestyle in Whistler is like
  • Why Adam decided to leave Whistler
  • How Adam used his own initiative and got a job working at the YT headquarters
  • What YT as a company are like to work for
  • Why Adam enjoys it so much
  • How Adam ended up riding the TransAlp by himself for 7 days
  • How Adam went about planning and training for this huge adventure
  • What he learned from doing such a large adventure
  • His tips on how do do something similar yourself
  • What he has planned for the near future
  • How you can find out more about Adam and what he is up to

Adam is from Slovakia so when he decided to move to Whistler it was a pretty big deal. He got his savings in order, booked a plane ticket and was gone. Things didn’t work out just how he had planned, but after some trial and error he finally got to work in a bike store fixing and building bikes. When his work visa ran out he had to return home, but by this time he had been well and truly bit by the Whistler bug and decided to return and become a student at the Whistler Adventure School for one year. Adam loved his experience there, loved the school, loved the way they educated and loved the lifestyle. They still keep in touch to this day.

After Whistler Adam moved back home for a short period and then decided to reach out to the YT head office in Germany to see if they needed a mechanic, he was in luck. They asked him to come in and have a trial day, so he jumped in his car, drove 9 hours, worked on some bikes and was hired a few days later. 

Working at YT has been a great experience for Adam. He really enjoys the work environment, his colleagues and has learned a tonne about bikes, components and mechanicing. YT were also happy to support Adam when he decided to ride the TransAlp. They gave him a new Izzo CF Pro Race bike for his adventure and helped out any way they could.

The TransAlp is no pushover with 365km, 13910 meters vertical and 7 days in the saddle, it would not be easy and that is before you factor in weather, navigation, and the fact that Adam would be doing it alone. It would be an adventure for sure.

So join us and find out what it is like working for YT Industries, riding the TransAlp alone and why we all need to visit Whistler at least once in our lifetimes!

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