166 – From Airline Pilot To MTB Pilot. We Chat with Cat Brady

166 – From Airline Pilot To MTB Pilot. We Chat with Cat Brady

Today Guest:

Cat Brady – Airline Pilot turned MTB Pilot

On episode #166 we chat with Cat Brady about how she has been spending her time off from work due to Covid, working on her bike skills and documenting it all on YouTube for us all to learn from and take to the trails.

As we all know the airline industry has taken a beating since the start of the Covid pandemic and unfortunately Cat was one of the unlucky ones that got put on furlough. However, she has not spent her time watching Netflix or building a new garden patio, Cat has been busy building on her bike skills, her knowledge of trail riding and generally hitting the trails, getting fit and having a blast. 

Cat decided to document her learning process, hoping that it would help people in the same situation by starting a YouTube channel and filming her progress, including the good, bad and the ulgy. And you know what?… it has been a huge success. People are tuning in, learning new bike skills, hitting the trails and reaching out to thank Cat for all her great content. 

Tune in and hear more about why Cat decided to document her progress, what she finds difficult to learn, how her first gap jump went and why it is all building up to a backflip!

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • Why Cat took the opportunity to jump on her bike during lockdown
  • Her first steps to learning new bike skills
  • Why she does research online before trying a new skill
  • Why Cat decided to start a YouTube channel for us all to enjoy
  • How she found talking into a camera for the first time
  • Why she was super nervous uploading her first video for the world to see
  • Where she learned to explain things so well & how this skill transfers to her YouTube channel
  • What bike skills Cat found the most difficult to learn
  • What bike skills Cat really wants to master
  • How doing this project has given her a new found love for mountain biking
  • Cat’s advice for getting started in mountain biking
  • Cat’s future plans for her YouTube channel
  • How you can best follow Cat and get in contact

I have been following Cat’s progress via her YouTube channel for a few months and you can really see how she has improved over this time. She is a lot more confident on the bike, she rides smoother, faster and seems to be really enjoying the learning process. It is really great what Cat is doing, and I know it will encourage so many people to get their bikes out, hit the trails and learn a little more when they are out there. 

When Cat is learning a new skill, may it be jumping, cornering or even choosing the best line (away from roots), she does a great job breaking down and explaining what she is trying to achieve in easy to understand steps. It is not too complicated which makes it easy to transfer it to the trails and see your own improvement by following Cat’s advice. I think a lot of this stems from Cat also being an airline pilot coach and instructor, she knows how to break points down and explain things that make the process easy to understand and also fun.

Cat always enjoyed riding her mountain bike, but I think this whole process has really made her fall in love with not only riding her bike, but the community that has been built up around the mountain bike scene, she really connects with it and (like me) believes we are so lucky to have so many great riders and great trails on this little island.

We chat about how racing has really helped Cat build on her core riding skills and by even just going to the race events, getting involved and being around so many good riders and great characters it keeps you motivated to ride and learn more. You also meet new people, make new friendships and learn a little more each time you attend a race event.

So join us as we chat mountain biking, learning new skills, how to best get involved in your local scene and how Cat didn’t realise she had jumped her first gap section, plus much more.

Thanks for being here. Enjoy the episode!


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Thanks to Cat for coming on the show and sharing her mountain bike skills journey.

And thanks for tuning in once again and being a part of the podcast!

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