167 – Building A Mountain Bike Career Through Education with Scott Roberts

167 – Building A Mountain Bike Career Through Education with Scott Roberts

Today’s Guest:

Scott Roberts – Planning his future in the mountain bike industry through education

On episode #167 we are chatting with Scott Roberts about his move to Scotland to study a National Progression Award (NPA) with Borders Academy of Sport Excellence College (BASE) to build the experience and education he requires to work in the mountain biking industry including bike skills, psychology, circuit training, and planning personal fitness, to name but a few.

This course sounds amazing, you get to study what you love and the course is tailored around your desires or what you want to achieve in the world of mountain biking. Scott has aimed his future at racing, but the beauty about studying a course such as this is, you learn so much more about just racing and being an athlete.

You learn the ins and outs of the industry, how things work, from branding to photography, you get to learn about the complete package and can then tailor your vision and further your education in the direction you find most interesting. It is a great opportunity for anybody wanting to have a career in the global bike market.

Join Scott and myself as we chat about his course, racing, bikes, sponsorship, why he keeps winning and what his future plans are for 2021 and beyond.

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Find Out:

  • How Scott got into riding and racing bikes
  • Why he has always been competitive
  • What drew him to the race scene
  • How he feels standing on podiums at most race events he enters
  • What made Scott move to Scotland and study an NPA course in the world of mountain biking
  • Why Scott loves the course so much and why he believes it will make him a much better rider
  • How the course works and what Scott’s weekly schedule consists of
  • How Scott plans his training sessions and gets the most out of his week
  • More about Scott’s sponsors
  • What Scott has planned for the 2021 race season
  • How to find out more about Scott and the Borders College Level 6 MTB course

I really enjoyed chatting with Scott and I am super glad he came on the podcast. For a 16 year old Scott has his head firmly screwed on in the right direction. He has his future path clearly planned out, has already taken steps towards achieving it and knows what goals he needs to aim for to turn his vision into reality. When I was 16 years of age, I was trying to get my school day finished to go home and watch BayWatch.  

Scott truly has his eye set on becoming an elite racer and riding his bike professionally. His race results up until this point have been amazing and he raced the 2019 and 2020 seasons to a tone of firsts places, loads of seconds and a number of thirds. Lets just say it is weird to not see him standing on the podium at every race. You can check out Scott’s race results here.

To me taking the step to study the NPA course shows a lot about where Scott’s head is now and where he wants it to be in the near future. He knows making a career in the mountain bike industry is difficult, there will be lots of ups and downs, a load of difficult decisions, many disappointments and when you factor in the injury side of racing, a few tears will be shed. 

But, this is the very reason Scott has taken it upon himself to study the world of mountain biking and if things don’t go to plan with his racing career he will always be able to step back, lean on his NPA qualification, and will have the experience required to step into another roll in the sport and industry he loves. I wish I had such a clear vision at age 16!

I find it amazing what Scott is doing. I love his passion, motivation and knowledge of the hard work required to achieve his dreams, helping clear the trail ahead for the kind of future he wants to have. Good luck young man, good luck!

So, stick the kettle on, put your feet up and find out where Scott gets his drive, motivation and will to win (among other things) at the young age of 16.

Enjoy the show!


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Thanks to Scott for coming on the show and sharing his mountain bike journey to this point. More on the way, I would think!

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