168 – Why Buy A Hardtail For Winter? We Chat with Glyn O’Brien

168 – Why Buy A Hardtail For Winter? We Chat with Glyn O’Brien

Today’s Guest:

The man the myth the legend…Glyn O’Brien

On episode #168 it is my pleasure to welcome back a friend of the podcast, legend of the Irish mountain bike scene, organiser of the Vitus First Tracks Enduro Series and winner of every race on the planet, Mr Glyn O’Brien.

I recently noticed on socials that Glyn was building a new hardtail for the winter and that got me thinking…should we all be riding a hardtail over the winter, what are the benefits (if any) of doing this, what set up Glyn went for and should we all have a hardtail in the garage?

We also find out what Glyn has planned for the 2021 Vitus First Track Enduro Series, why he is jumping back on Swift over the winter, what he thinks of his new Vitus Sommet CRX, why he went for a 29er and what he thinks about the rise in popularity of e-bikes, plus lots of other goodies!

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • What Glyn has planned for the 2021 Vitus First Track Enduro Series (sounds awesome)
  • Why he has decided to change things up a little
  • Why Glyn will be jumping on Swift more over the winter months
  • Why Glyn decided to get himself a new hardtail
  • What he thinks of his new Vitus Sentier
  • Why Glyn decided to change up some parts
  • What benefits riding a hardtail gives you
  • Why you ride a hardtail differently from a full suspension
  • How this honns your skills to be a better rider
  • Why Glyn thinks starting on a hardtail would be very beneficial
  • What Glyn thinks of e-bikes
  • How he plans his rides and what bike to use on any given day
  • How many bikes Glyn has in his garage (lots)
  • What Glyn has planned for the future
  • How to find out more about the Vitus First Tracks Enduro and keep upto date with the man himself

Glyn loves his Vitus rides and why wouldn’t he? They are a great looking bike (the new 2021 range looks amazing), well priced with great components and have a pretty cool history. When Glyn was out with the Vitus media crew doing a photo shoot of the new range of bikes earlier this year, he jumped on the Sentier 29 VRS hardtail and fell in love with it in a number of minutes. 

Glyn got his hands on one (probably the only one in existence at the time) and after changing up a few parts with sponsored bits and pieces he had lying around, it was ready to hit the trails. Glyn loves the different feeling of a hardtail bike and loves the challenge it brings to your riding. We chat about how a hardtail makes you ride differently, helps build your handling skills and makes you look at your normal line choice a little differently.

We also touch on why maintenance is a little easier and why Glyn believes starting on a hardtail can help build your skill base and stop you learning bad habits from the beginning. We get into the e-bike debate (even though we have the same opinion) and find out what Glyn thinks the future holds for e-bike designs and progression of the sport. 

So join us as we chat about the 2021 race calendar, the new Vitus mountain bike range, why you should think about buying a hardtail and find out how many bikes Glyn has in his garage, plus much more!

Thanks for being here and for tuning in. 


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Thanks to Glyn for coming back on the show and sharing his thoughts on buying a hardtail for the winter months.

And thanks for tuning in once again and being a part of the podcast!

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