174 – Joining The Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team Part 1 – We Chat with Chris Brown

174 – Joining The Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team Part 1 – We Chat with Chris Brown

Today’s Guest:

New member of the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team, Chris Brown

On episode #174 It is my pleasure to welcome Chris Brown back on the podcast to chat about how things have changed over the last year and a half since first coming on the podcast, and what his new signing to the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team means for his upcoming race season.

Chris first came on the show at the end of September 2019 on episode #106 (listen here) to chat about why he decided to hang up his trials racing boots and stick on a pair of mountain bike shoes and how his first year racing on a mountain bike was so successful. I did say to Chris back on episode #106, that if I had a race team I would certainly get him a deal and get him on it. Now I don’t know if the Chain Reaction crew were listening, but they beat me to the punch and signed Chris up.

It is great to see, as Chris deserves a professional race team behind him and I believe he will be a really good fit for the Chain Reaction Belfast Team and what they are looking to achieve. 

So join us as we find out how the Chain Reaction signing came about, what’s involved, how Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast will help over the race season, what bike Chris is riding and if he will be tackling this race season any different, plus tonnes more!

Enjoy the show. 

Find Out:

  • What Chris has been upto since being on the show last time
  • How becoming part of the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team came about
  • How Chris felt after receiving the phone call
  • What Chris expected the meeting to be like and how he was pleasantly surprised
  • What the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Team are like to work with
  • What they expect from Chris, both on and off the bike
  • How Chris is going to approach this upcoming race season
  • Chris’s training schedule
  • What Chris’s race results were like over the 2020 season
  • What he thinks about his new Nukeproof Mega ride
  • Why Chris thinks having a dedicated mechanic team at race events will help him ride faster
  • What he would like to achieve over the 2021 race season
  • Why Chris is so grateful to Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast for such an amazing opportunity
  • How to follow Chris and find out more

It was great to get Chris back on the show and get a good catchup on what has been going on over the last year and a half. It is always great to follow past guests of the show, especially ones who are on a new path or just starting out on their mountain bike journey, venturing into the race scene or starting a mountain bike based business to find out how things have changed and if their dreams and passions have come true.

This certainly is the case for Chris. Chris had only been racing for one season and had only been riding a mountain bike for a number of months when I first got him on the show. But, Chris’s first race season was not a normal one. He had many podiums including a couple of first place results and knowing how fast the Irish race scene has got, I simply had to get him on the show and tell us all how he became so fast so soon.

The results have paid off and that speed and consistency has rightfully landed him a spot on the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team. But, speed and results are not all that got Chris the gig. He is also a great guy, has an awesome attitude and would be a great ambassador for any brand or race team and that is just as important these days. Yes you need the talent, the speed and a competitive edge, but being approachable, helpful to other riders and just being a good dude goes a long way. 

So for all you young rippers out there looking for a race team deal, just remember it takes the whole package these days, so work on the above, keep riding and building your skill level and you never know you too could be riding for the Chain Reaction crew in the future. 

Put your feet up, zone out for an hour and join Chris and myself to find out his race plans for 2021 and how it feels to be part of a professional race team.

Thanks for tuning in!


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Thanks so much to Chris for coming back on the show and updating us on his mountain bike racing journey.

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