176 – Dicking About On Fat Bikes with Richard Hurst

176 – Dicking About On Fat Bikes with Richard Hurst

Today’s Guest:

Richard Hurst – The friendly fat bike face you see on his YouTube channel called Dicking About, advocate for fat biking and all round top bloke.

Fat biking is something I have to admit I never really gave much thought to. To be honest I thought it was a bit of a fad, something the bike industry had chucked out there to get us spending money and buying more bikes. But, the fat bike has stuck around and if anything they seem to be starting to reappear and show up on the trails in more numbers.

This could be in part because the technology has advanced in design etc, but, I would also have to say it is because of people like Richard that decided to give the fat bike a try, loved the thing and was instantly hooked.

After chatting with Richard and hearing his enthusiasm for fat biking it would be hard not to see the benefits and give it a go, and to be honest, all the drawbacks I thought about fat bikes seem not to be true. An example would be the wide tires, hard to pedal right?…wrong. Apparently they pedal very well, are efficient on the climbs and give you loads of traction on the downs, sounds good to me. This is just one of the misconceptions of fat biking and Richard shares a tonne more fun facts with us.

So join us as we chat Fat Bikes, why you should give fat bikes a try, what to look for when buying a fat bike, what you need to spend when buying one and why fat bikes put a smile on your face, plus loads more!

Do you need another excuse to buy one more bike? If it’s a yes, hit play and enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Richard got into mountain biking
  • Why he first decided to try a fat bike
  • What made him retire his full suspension enduro bike for a fat bike
  • The first fat bike Richard owned
  • Why he now rides a full suspension fat bike
  • What is so good about fat bikes
  • Why you should try one
  • What you need to look for when buying a fat bike
  • What type of fat bike would suit your needs, trails etc
  • What kind of money you need to spend
  • How fat bike design has changed over the years
  • Why Richard started his YouTube Channel
  • How this may soon be his full time work
  • What Richard does differently to make his channel stand out
  • What Richard has planned for the future of his channel
  • Where to find out more and follow Richard on socials

Richard has sold me! I now want to try a fat bike. They sound very capable, well kitted, well designed and loads of fun. And that is the thing, for weekend warriors (like Richard and me) it should all be about having fun, looking forward to hitting the trails, having a bit of craic with mates and leaving the car park with a smile on your face. And that seems to be what fat bikes allow you to do.

Now I am not saying you can’t have fun on any type of bike, especially when on a good trail network with a bunch of mates, of course not, we all do it every week (well, hopefully) and have a tonne of fun. Having fun is what it was all about in the first place right? What fat bikes seem to do is add another element of fun, it’s another style of ride you can take out on almost any type of trail, have a blast on, get funny looks from passing riders and just change it up a bit. Variety is supposed to be the spice of life!

Richard is doing a lot for the growing number of fat bikers out there, his YouTube channel is getting more popular everyday, is full of useful information, is funny, laid back and a must watch if you are thinking of trying fat biking or simply want to find out more and educate yourself on the topic.

So tune in to hear more about how fat bikes have changed over the years, what the different setups are like and how they are pretty close to regular mountain bikes, why you should give one a go and the many uses fats bikes have, plus lots lots more.

Thanks for supporting the podcast and for tuning in. Enjoy the show!


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YouTube: dickingabout

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Richard would like to thank:

Richards Sponsor is Fatbikeclub: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIojKe-MLDxu7E2JrmMUoaA

Richards bike: Ican SN04: https://icancycling.com/collections/fat-bike

UK brand Richard spoke about is called Smokestone Bikes: www.smokestonebikes.co.uk


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Thanks so much to Richard for coming on the show, sharing his story and educating us on the fat bike scene. 

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