180 – Data Driven Descents with Downamics

180 – Data Driven Descents with Downamics

Today’s Guest:

Nick Lester – Founder and owner of the data acquisition company, Downamics.

On episode #180 we are chatting Nick Lester, the founder and owner of the data acquisition company, Downamics about how using such a data driven system can give you feedback with specific related data, helping you set up your bike relevant to your riding style, your riding technique and basically tell you in what areas you can improve, making you a faster rider from top to bottom.

For me personally, it is something I would not give that much thought too. Maybe this is because I am really a weekend warrior and not looking at standing on any race podiums soon, but when you think about it, if you have saved up your hard earned money to buy that bike you have been looking at everyday on the internet and watched every review and video about it on planet earth, do you not think that maybe, just maybe, you should get it set up to perform at its full potential and ride the very best it can? After all that is why you bought the thing in the first place right…to enjoy your riding more, improve and become faster?

Data acquisition is no longer for only professional downhill racers, it is for you and me that want to have our bikes set up the best we possibly can and this involves more than just suspension setup. Nick started Downamics because he wanted to get his money’s worth from his bike, get faster and help other riders achieve better results through the use of data. Like Nick says, ‘Without data you’re just guessing!’. 

Join us as we find out how data acquisition can help us become better on the bike, enjoy our rides more and become faster on the trails.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Nick got into mountain biking
  • Why he preferred downhill to enduro
  • What got him into the race scene
  • When Nick first got the idea to try data acquisition
  • How he found the first results helped his riding
  • Why he choose the Stendec System designed by Dave Garland
  • How Dave helped him learn and perfect the data results
  • How Nick tested the data and the results he found
  • Why he decided to turn this into a business
  • What it was like starting Downamics
  • How the system can help you become a better all round rider
  • What style of bike it suits
  • How long the process takes
  • What different information the system tells you
  • How the system works
  • Why Nick visits you and your local trail
  • The different prices and different packages available
  • Where to find out more and book your session

I got to know about Nick and Downamics through Daniel O’Shea from The DirtFund Project, who I had on the show a couple of weeks ago (Episode #179 – listen here). Nick was kind enough to offer his services free of charge to any rider who gets funded by The DirtFund Project, helping them get faster and more confident on their bike. So it was only natural that I reached out and asked Nick to come on the show and tell us about all the benefits that his Stendec System could provide these young EWS and UCI racers.

I am sure you have looked into it and have a fair idea what it takes to set up your bike properly, and I am not talking about setting your suspension sag to the correct pressure or setting the height of your saddle correctly. There is so much more that goes into setting your bike up to unleash its full potential and take full advantage for what it has been designed for.

For example, I was riding the new Nukeproof Reactor Elite and the forks had so many different settings for compression, rebound, rider weight, stiffness etc, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, so I left them how I had got them. Now, the bike felt awesome as it was, but just imagine if I had somebody who knew what they were doing to set them up specifically for me, my style of riding and the trails I was riding…how much better would that bike have felt? It boggles brains to think about it. But that is what Nick’s data system does. It sets everything up for you, your style, your braking, your cornering, your weight distribution, your pedalling, your trails, it gives you back data that helps you change set ups, riding style and everything else that will help you understand how the bike will work better, flow better, turn better, brake better and how you can become faster on the trails. The end result is simple. You’re faster.

So, put your feet up for an hour and find out how Nick is helping these young privateers get faster and feel better on their bikes with the help of his new business, Downamics.

Thanks for being here and for your support.


To Connect with Nick and Downamics:

Website: www.downamics.com

Email: data@downamics.com

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Facebook: downamics


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Thanks so much to Nick for coming on the podcast and educating us on data acquisition and how it helps.

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