183 – Resigning with The Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team Part 3 – We Chat with Hannah Harvey

183 – Resigning with The Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team Part 3 – We Chat with Hannah Harvey

Today’s Guest:

Resigning for a third period with the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Team, Hannah Harvey

On episode #183 we welcome back to the podcast Hannah Harvey to chat about how she felt after getting resigned to the Chain Reaction Cycles Belfast Race Teamfor a third period, how she has been recovering from a bad injury, how her racing and training has changed since last being on the show, and what her goals are for the 2021 race season.

The first time Hannah was on the show her episode was received really well and was the most downloaded episode for quite some time (listen here). People could relate to Hannah, she speaks the truth, tells it how it is and simply is one of us. She rides mountain bikes because she enjoys it, loves getting out in the fresh air and enjoys the friendships she has in her local mountain bike community. At the end of the day that is why we all do it, because we enjoy it, we have good friends who ride with us and it gets us out in nature away from desks and phones.

Hannah is no different. The only difference may be that Hannah is that little bit faster and skillful than most of us, and when it gets down to race day, she is as competitive as the next person (but only on the downhills!).

So join us as we chat about what it means to her to be a part of the CRC Belfast Team again, how her accident happened, what she thinks of her new teammates and how she has been getting on with the new Nukeproof Mega, plus lots more.

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Hannah got injured shortly after coming on the show in 2019
  • How this made her feel and if she ever felt of packing her bikes away for good
  • How her recovery went
  • What she felt like when first getting back on a bike
  • How she felt after getting resigned to the CRC Belfast squad
  • The support she has received from CRC Belfast over the years
  • How Hannah has changed up her training over the last year
  • What she thinks about her new Nukeproof Giga ride
  • Why she prefers 29ers to 27.5
  • What Hannah loves so much about the race scene
  • What keeps her competing every year
  • How Hannah misses group rides and getting out with her local biking community
  • Hannah’s advice about getting started in mountain biking, building up your skill base and getting involved in the race scene
  • Hannah’s race goals for 2021
  • How to follow Hannah and get in contact

You know you are involved in the correct sport when your worst ever result is a 3rd place. Yep, Hannah’s has been on the podium in every race she has attended. That is such an amazing accomplishment, but Hannah doesn’t really look at it like that, in fact I don’t think she even realised that was the case until I mentioned it. Hannah is not the type of person that checks her results after every event and gets strung up on where she placed or how she performed. Hannah is happy if she competes to the best of her ability, enjoys herself, has fun and can race relaxed. To her that is a win, and yes it normally ends up in a win or a podium place at worst so why change it?

After badly breaking her wrist (on a downhill bike of all things), she had a decision to make….give up or continue to ride at the level she was accustomed to, there are no half measures when you get to this level, it’s all or nothing. It is not easy to come back after such an injury, it makes you question the risk – reward element of the whole thing, but it is also not easy to hold someone like Hannah down from doing what she loves.

I believe, as does she that the turning point was when a spectator at an event she was attending told her that she could never come back after an injury like that (and can I say that he didn’t say it in a nice concerning type of manor), pissed her off and the competitive spirit kicked in. She would overcome this and she would race again. The bikes were dusted off and Hannah returned to the podium once again.

Hannah has great advice to anyone interested in mountain biking on how to start out, build your skills, enjoy yourself and get involved in your local mountain bike community. And with more people taking to the trails, a lot of them younger kids and families, it is a great time to share your wealth and knowledge and help these people feel welcome and part of their local community.

Put your feet up for an hour, chill out and join us as we chat about bikes, breaks, racing, training, team environments and much much more!

Enjoy the show!


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Thanks so much to Hannah for coming back on the podcast, sharing her story and getting us pumped for the 2021 race season!

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