190 – Writing & Racing Her Path To The EWS with Jessie-May Morgan

190 – Writing & Racing Her Path To The EWS with Jessie-May Morgan

Photo Credit: Finlay Anderson/ Bikerumor
Today’s Guest:
Enduro Racer, Writer & Vloger at Bikerumor – Jessie-May Morgan

On episode #190 we are chatting with Jessie-May Morgan about her love for mountain biking, how she got interested in the race scene, her training schedule for racing, what it is like working for Bikerumor and how The DirtFund Project has helped fund her road to the Enduro World Series.

Jessie-May is in love with mountain biking, that is for sure. She was introduced to the MTB world through her dad and once she competed in her first enduro race, she was completely hooked. In fact, she was so hooked that now, a number of years later she works in the mountain bike industry reviewing products, writing and blogging for BIkerumor. 

Jessie-May has landed her dream job which perfectly suits her training schedule and prep for her racing passion. She gets to ride the latest bike components and tech and is surrounded by a bunch of great people all super stoked on bikes and racing. They understand her passion for racing and support her however they can, but Jessie-May has stepped it up over the last year or so hiring a trainer, getting out of her comfort zone and pushing her abilities to the next level. And it is working.

Join us as we chat bikes, racing, training, working in the industry and Jessie-May’s EWS goals for when racing hopefully returns, plus lots more.

Enjoy the show and thanks for tuning in!

Find Out:

  • How Jessie-May got into mountain biking
  • Why racing plays such a huge part in her passion for mountain biking
  • How Jessie-May’s first race went
  • Why being part of the Swift Trails women’s group helped Jessie ride more and truly fall in love with mountain biking
  • How Jessie-May landed her dream job at Bikerumor
  • What her job entails and what she thinks about reviewing the latest gear
  • Why Jessie-May was surprised to get funded by The DirtFund Project
  • What she spent her £1000 on & how it will help her fund her EWS racing
  • How Jessie-May has changed her training schedule
  • How this has helped her compete at a higher level
  • How Jessie-May got on at her first EWS in Zermatt
  • Why she loves this bigger EWS stage
  • What Jessie-May has planned for her 2021 race season
  • How to get in contact and follow Jessie-May

Jessie-May was born and bred in Wales, but moved to The Tweed Valley in Scotland several years ago. Her love and passion for mountain biking didn’t really take hold until she realised how popular the mountain bike scene was in the Tweed Valley. She started riding with the Swift Trails crew on their social rideouts, met a number of other lady riders who shared the same passion of getting out on their bikes, having a good time, scouting out new trail networks and basically having a blast on two wheels. This quickly progressed into race meet ups, more riding and getting out on their bikes as much as possible. Jessie-May was well and truly hooked on bikes and racing.

When anybody is following their passions of racing and attending as many race events as possible it is not cheap, and that is before you even talk about attending the EWS events. However, Jessie-May doesn’t really look at the money side of things, of course she understands the expenditure required, pricing and costs of attending events, but for her racing and attending events is more important than having the latest phone or a plush car. Racing is what she loves, it brings her a massive amount of joy and achievement, in other words she knows where her priorities lie. 

Jessie-May has a little help in chasing her passion in the way of sponsorship from her local bike store BSpoke Cycles in Peebles. BSpoke supports Jessie-May with discounted products and gear, allowing Jessie-May to put more of her hard earned money into the cost of event entries, accommodation, flights and much more. Jessie-May has also been the 4th privateer racer to get funded by The DirtFund Project, receiving £1000 to help her on her EWS journey. She is also the first female to be awarded this funding. Jessie-May was super stoked to receive the funding and it came as a surprise when she got the call from Daniel, one of the founders, that she was the winner (to learn more about The DirtFund Project, see the episode link below). 

It is great to see a young lady like Jessie-May follow her passion and be so stoked on riding and racing her bike, everything else comes second place. She is really looking forward to the race season beginning so she can take her new fitness and speed between the tape and see how she performs. I am looking forward to seeing her awesome results!

Join us for an hour as we chat about racing, riding bikes, chasing dreams and always stepping up to a challenge.

Thanks for being here and for tuning into the podcast!


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