191 – Flow & Vision with Instinct Distribution

191 – Flow & Vision with Instinct Distribution

Today’s Guest:

Founder and owner of Instinct Distribution Ltd – Tony Pickford

On episode #191 we are chatting with Tony Pickford the founder and owner of Instinct Distribution about starting a mountain bike distribution company and why the California based goggle brand Flow Vision USA helped him start his journey. We chat about manufacturing, design, pricing, quality and why producing a UK based product is one of Tony’s dreams for future Instinct Distribution products.

It is not easy starting a business, let alone a mountain bike distribution business, but after years of racing BMX, Moto x and Enduro, Tony had an idea to distribute the Californian based brand called Flow Vision. The idea came about after his son Joel, who was and still is a keen downhill racer, got a sponsorship deal with Flow Vision. After Tony saw the quality and price of the goggles and other products they produced, he decided more riders needed access to what was available. 

He had a few conversations with Nick McBride, the owner of Flow Vision and they struck up a deal that Tony would become the first UK distributor for the brand, and Instinct Distribution was born. Now this was only back in November of 2019, but Instinct Distribution has already seen a steady increase in sales and much interest in the Flow Vision product. Tony has already taken things one step further by sponsoring the 2020 Junior World Champion, Ethan Craik and a number of other MX champions.

Join us for an hour and find out how to start an MTB/ MX based distribution company, what the BMX scene was like in the 80’s, why an injury (and not one you would like to repeat) stopped Tony racing and his future plans for his business. Plus lots more!

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Find Out:

  • How the BMX scene got Tony interested in bikes
  • Why he hung up his BMX for a Moto X machine
  • How life got in the way and put an end to his racing
  • How Tony found out about the Flow Vision goggle brand
  • What he liked so much about the product
  • How after chatting with the owner of Flow Vision he decided to become their UK distribution partner
  • How Tony built a distribution company with little experience or knowledge of how product distribution worked
  • What is so good about the Flow Vision product
  • Why Flow Vision goggles are different than other goggle brands on the market
  • Why the owners of Flow Vision are so good to work with
  • Tony’s vision for his business and what other products he would like to produce
  • Where to find out more about Flow Vision and purchase their products

Tony has been involved in the mountain bike scene in one way or another for over 20 years. He has seen a lot of change in the sport, from bike design to trail development and everything in between. So I suppose it was only natural for him to transfer that experience and passion for something that has played such a huge part of his life into a side hustle, a part time business, or simply another way to stay part of the scene. 

When Flow Vision came along Tony knew he had a great product in his hand and that it was something other riders would want. And this is what I love about Tony’s story, when he saw the opportunity he jumped at it. It didn’t matter he had no experience in the world of distribution, he simply surrounded himself with the right people, learned as he went and got the product into the hands of a few select people helping the brand gain awareness and exposure. 

I have to admit the goggles do look and sound great. I haven’t tried a pair as yet, but when the time comes I will certainly be giving them a go. What I like about Flow Vision and chatting to Tony about the brand is that it is still family owned and Nick the owner, still rides and races. He is testing the product everyday on and off the bike and knows what the rider wants and needs from a great performing goggle that won’t break the bank. 

Tony plans on expanding his available product range in the near future, but for now is concentrating on getting the distribution of Flow Vision correct, getting it into the right stores and making sure the brand is well promoted and marketed for the UK scene. One thing Tony loves about selling and promoting a brand is that it has given him the opportunity to meet so many fellow riders and lovers of the sport. He gets to be part of the community and sell his product while chatting with riders and fellow people that all love this thing we call mountain biking.

Join us as we chat about, bikes, brands, business, breaks and how to run an MTB company. Plus much more.

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