194 – Pedalling Happiness with Feel Good Bicycles

194 – Pedaling Happiness with Feel Good Bicycles

Today’s Guest:

Founder and Owner of Feel Good Bicycles – George Allen

On episode #194 we are chatting to George Allen about opening a bike store in Ireland, how the supply and demand problems are affecting his business, how massive growth in the MTB industry is changing things and why George is seeing a large number of roadies moving over to the MTB world, plus lots more.

George is passionate about bikes, may it be road, electric or mountain, it doesn’t matter. He is in love with two wheels and whatever makes his customers smile and enjoy the ride. Afterall, his business slogan is Pedaling happiness. And is this not what we are all after, to enjoy time with friends, be in nature, get dirty, dusty and sweaty, and have stories to tell over a beer or coffee, whichever you prefer. I know it is for me and I know it is for most of you. 

Well that is what George and his crew at Feel Good Bicycles try to achieve everyday, put a smile on your face, help you get equipped for the ride and have a blast while doing it.

Join us as we chat about bikes, racing, stock issues, brands and the growing Irish MTB scene plus lots more.

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Find Out:

  • How George fell in love with MTB
  • His background in the outdoors activity industry
  • How a broken foot lead to George ultimately owning a bike shop
  • How the opportunity came about to open a bike store
  • Why George decided to take a chance and go for it
  • How his management experience helped him settle into being a business owner
  • Why owning a bike store was always something George wanted to do
  • How the first number of years have been in business
  • Why the pandemic has changed everything
  • The issues George has (as everybody in the retail sector) with stock
  • Why George believes the demand for bikes has went through the roof
  • What kind of bikes Feel Good Bicycles are mostly selling
  • How George is seeing a change in his customer base since the start of Covid
  • Why George is seeing a number of roadies jumping on mountain bikes
  • Why customer service is at the top of everything Feel Good Cycles do
  • What George thinks the future of the bike industry will look like
  • Future plans for Feel Good Bicycles
  • How to get in contact with George and Feel Good Bicycles

It is always great to get people like George on the show. They are super keyed into the industry, have their finger on the pulse and know a tonne about issues which affect us all at some stage as mountain bikers. When opening Feel Good Bicycles, George was very keen to get involved in his local biking community, afterall it is only here where he will find out what his customers really want and need to help them on their biking journey. So much so, that Geoge even got himself a road bike, simply to learn more about his roadie customer base and how he could best help, now being the owner of a bicycle shop. 

From day one of opening the store George wanted to make customer care their top priority, and still do to this day. George understands that for a local shop this is what can be the difference between making it a success and having to close the doors. For small local bike shops, it is not easy to keep the doors open. Infact, George was told by a number of people involved in the industry to forget about opening a bike shop and go waste his time and money on something else. But owning a bike store was always something George wanted to do and knew with his past experience in the outdoors activity world (probably harder than the bike industry) that he could make a really good go at it. And well, he is still here, growing and introducing new people to the sport everyday.

This is the reason we all need our local bike shops. The large online retailers have their place, but they cannot replace your friendly local shop, that is always there and will go out of their way to help you with whatever issue you may be having. Yes prices may be a little higher, but you will never replace the personal touch that your local bike shop staff member can provide. It has been especially important over these covid times to have a local bike store in helping introduce new people to the sport, getting them kitted out correctly and chatting them through the industry jargon. An online retailer would never have been able to achieve this at the same level, and how many new people to the sport would we have lost? 

And for any sport to survive, grow and advance it needs new blood. That new wave of young talent taking it to the next level. So thank goodness for our local bike stores!

Put your feet up for an hour, tune in and hear more about the bike industry in Ireland, how covid has changed the industry worldwide and how Feel Good Bicycles can help get you on the road or on the trails!

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