196 – Helping People Improve Their Mental and Physical Health with TotalMTB

196 – Helping People Improve Their Mental and Physical Health with TotalMTB

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Today’s Guest:

Founder of TotalMTB – Ryan Oldfield

On episode #196 We are chatting with the founder of the very popular TotalMTB community of bike riders, Ryan Oldfield. TotalMTB has been going around 4 years, and ever since that time has been encouraging people to hit the trails and get the bikes out, to help with their mental and physical health while having fun and helping the environment. 

Tune in and find out more about the amazing work Ryan and his crew at Total MTB are doing, how you can get involved and the difference a bunch of mountain bikers can make to the quality of so many lives.

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Ryan found out he suffered from Anxiety
  • How he found mountain biking to be such a large help
  • Why Ryan decided to share his discovery and help other people
  • How the idea for TotalMTB came about
  • The positive effects it has had on people lives
  • The different projects TotalMtb supports
  • Why they donate to charities
  • The different campaigns available
  • The great brand partners they work with
  • How to get upto 40% Off top brands
  • Why their ride-outs have proved so popular
  • Why helping the environment plays as big a role as mental health for the vision of TotalMTB
  • How you can get involved
  • Where to find out more information and get in contact

Ryan has been dealing with Anxiety issues since primary school and through his own research discovered that mountain biking helped majorly with his symptoms. Not only did mountain biking help mentally, but it got him outdoors, in nature, with friends and helped with his physical fitness. Ryan quickly realised that this was something he had to share with anybody suffering from any form of mental issue, he had found his release and knew that other people could also benefit from mountain biking and everything that it offered. 

Ryan’s full time job is in marketing, so he used his expertise to start a social page to spread the word and help as many people as possible. Since that time TotalMTB has grown immensely with over 50k Instagram followers, has a great website offering all kinds of discounts and has raised over 8.5K for charities. And this is only the beginning!

TotalMTB supports such projects as Free Bikes For Kids, The Dirtfund Project and Dirt Sisters of Shred, to name but a few. Ryan and his dedicated crew of colleagues hand pick the projects for the good they are doing in their communities or for how they are affecting people’s lives for the better through mountain biking, just like TotalMTB. The giving doesn’t stop there. TotalMTB’s range of merchandise also gives back to the environment by helping plant thousands of trees via each purchase of a product. Ryan and his crew hope to produce their next range of race jerseys made from 100% recycled materials (as their ‘Our Planet’ range of merch is now).

This is what I love so much about what Ryan and TotalMTB have set out to achieve. They are not only raising awareness for mental and physical health, but also helping with environmental issues at the same time. They achieve this through their four campaigns, #MentalHealthMatters, #LetsAllRide, #ProtectOurPlanet & You Are You And You Are Awesome (see link here). And the TotalMTB support doesn’t stop there. They work together with a number of large brands offering discount codes up to 40% Off, so you can grab your favorite gear while knowing your money is going to help a good cause.

So, take the weight off for an hour, tune in and see how you can get involved, and help your local riding community with mental and physical health issues while saving the planet. We mountain bikers can be a great bunch most of the time!

Thanks for your support and for tuning into the show!


To Connect with Ryan & TotalMTB:

Website: www.totalmtb.co.uk

Instagram: totalmtb

Facebook: totalmtb

Twitter: TotalMTB_

Merchandise: www.vinylbear.co.uk/product-category/clubs/total-mtb

Link To Mental Health Tee: www.vinylbear.co.uk/product/unisex-totalmtb-mental-health-tee

Link To Save Our Planet Tee: www.vinylbear.co.uk/product/total-mtb-eco-tee-mens

Link To Save Our Planet Tee (Ladies): www.vinylbear.co.uk/product/total-mtb-eco-tee-ladies


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Massive thanks to Ryan for coming on the podcast and telling us more about TotalMTB and how we all can lend a helping hand through the power of mountain biking.

And thank you once again for tuning in.

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