199 – Back On The Trails After Spinal Injury with Peter Lloyd

199 – Back On The Trails After Spinal Injury with Peter Lloyd

Today’s Guest:

Ex Enduro Racer & Off Road Tetraplegic Buggy Pilot Peter Lloyd

On episode #199 it is my pleasure to chat with Peter Lloyd about where his love for MTB came from, how he got into racing, how his life changing accident happened, how he dealt with such life changing news, why he got back on a set of wheels (albeit four this time), his love for bikes and his work for spinal injury charities, plus lots lots more!

P.s Peter is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known.

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Find Out: 

  • How Peter found his love for mountain biking
  • What the scene was like around that time
  • How Peter got into the race scene
  • Why he enjoyed it so much
  • What riding for the Whyte Bikes team was like
  • How his accident happened that caused him to be paralised from the neck down
  • How Peter felt when the accident happened
  • His tough times in hospital and rehab
  • How he managed to get through the dark days
  • The support Peter received from friends and family then and now
  • What made Peter want to get back riding trails again
  • What kind of off-road buggy he is riding
  • The upgrades etc Peter has received on his off-road buggy
  • The amazing challenges Peter takes on for charities
  • What Peter is planning to do at the Tweed Valley stage of the EWS to highlight awareness of disabled riders
  • Peter’s future plans for both himself and his buggy
  • How to get in contact with Peter and find out more

Peter is one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the opportunity to chat with. Since his mountain bike accident four years ago he has had to come through some pretty dark days. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for a person who’s whole life revolves around hitting the gym, racing bikes and being 100% active, to it all changing in a blink of an eye and being paralised from the neck down. That unfortunately is the reality that Peter now has to live with everyday, but when chatting with him, he is in a good place, has an unbelievably strong mental outlook and is getting on with life. And yes that includes riding trails and doing three foot drop offs!

From the early days of his accident, Peter was already planning on what type of off-road buggy he would need to help him get back out on the trails and got heavily stuck into online research. With the help of friends and family he finally got himself a buggy (these things are not cheap) and got himself mobile again. Since that time Peter has challenged himself to such things as climbing all seven hills in Edinburgh, along with riding his buggy to the top of Snowdon and riding the Rollercoaster trail in Finale Ligure, Italy. And that is to just name a few! (check out Peter’s Instagram page for video footage. See below).

Peter does all this to support great charities such as Back Up who help people transform their lives after spinal cord injuries. He is also planning to bring more awareness to disabled riders by hopefully highlighting the issues surrounding such things as funding, purchasing riding equipment and general information at the Tweed Valley stage of the Enduro World Series. This is still very much in the planning phases, but if you feel you can help in any way please get in contact with Peter through his Instagram page (detail below).

We also chat about Peter’s buggy and how he has got help from some great people in upgrading, or should I say rebuilding the buggy from the ground up, allowing him to do the crazy things he wants. This includes three foot huck drops to pump track sessions to climbing mountains. The man keeps pushing himself further and further and it is an absolute joy to talk about.

So join us as we chat about Peter’s love for biking, trail riding, why he keeps challenging himself to crazier things and how you can help yourself stay zane through some difficult times.

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To Connect with Peter:

Instagram: peatylloyd


The Back Up Trust Website: www.backuptrust.org.uk


Resources in this Epiosde:

Link to Peter’s 3’ huck: www.instagram.com/p/CFVHcHLnkzZ

Link to what Peter can do on a trail: www.instagram.com/p/CN-yqK0h6tl

Check out Peter’s Instagram page for more awesome footage!


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