200 – Bringing Rad Into MTB with Miss Joey Gough

200 – Bringing Rad Into MTB with Miss Joey Gough

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Today’s Guest:

Ex British National Pro BMXer, 4X Elite Racer, Mountain Biker & Amazing Ambassador For The Sport – Miss Joey Gough

On episode #200 it was awesome to get Joey Gough on the show to have a chat about her background racing BMX for the Great British National Team, her love for 4X, her amazing skills on dirt jumps, her movement into the mountain bike scene and how her love for bikes is built around her friends and riding community. Plus much much more. Tune in and check it out!

We have made it to episode 200! 

I never believed the podcast would make it this far. I just want to say a massive thanks to everybody who has made this possible, from my awesome guests, to all of you who have tuned in, spread the word and supported the podcast over the last four years (well almost 4 years). It makes all the hard work and hours spent getting this out to you guys every week all worth it. Thankyou and keep the MTB Stoke!

Enjoy this week’s episode and spread the love with friends and fellow riders!

Find Out:

  • How Joey got interested in riding BMX at age 3
  • What the BMX scene was like back in the 80’s
  • What the BMX scene was like back in the 80’s
  • How she naturally fell into the race scene
  • How Joey got picked to race for the Great British National BMX Team
  • The difference between the MTB scene and the BMX scene
  • How Joey realised the race environment wasn’t for her
  • Why the riding community means everything to Joey
  • What her real passion behind riding bikes is
  • Why Joey made the switch to mountain biking
  • How her first experience of DH went. Can I just say Gold
  • Who Joey is sponsored by and how a huge crash helped her get a deal
  • Why GT asked Joey to attend Crankworx in 2017 at Whistler
  • What Joey thinks of the Whistler scene
  • Joey’s advice for women getting into the sport and how to start out
  • What bikes Joey is riding
  • Why she likes a mullet setup
  • What Joey has planned for the future
  • How to get in contact with Joey and find out more

I can’t believe it has taken me until episode 200 to get Joey on the podcast.  In big part I have Jessie-May Morgan to thank for suggesting her as a great guest and super talented rider and Jessie-May was not wrong. 

Joey has been riding BMX since the 80’s boom hit the UK, I can relate as that is how I also got into bikes. Over the years Joey took that passion for bikes and love for BMX to another level, joining the British National Team and racing pro for a couple of years. However by the end of those years Joey realised that racing was not the reason she loved bikes and riding, yes she was a top competitor, super successful and loved what racing was, but there was something missing from that scene that Joey didn’t enjoy. She quickly learned that it was riding with her friends and her local community that she enjoyed most. That is what she loved and that is why she rode bikes, simply for the fun and enjoyment that having a laugh with friends on two wheels brings and it is hard to beat.

After a number of years riding and racing BMX and 4X at an elite level Joey fell into the mountain bike scene. She took her love for hitting dirt jumps and launching herself into the air on two wheels to the world of bigger bikes and full suspension. Joey has transferred her talent from a BMX to a mountain bike to a super high level, she is not scared to hit massive jumps and send it, just check out her Instagram account for lots of evidence of that!

It is also great to hear that Joey is taking her passion for mountain biking into the mountains, hitting trail networks and enjoying all the other aspects that mountain biking is so good at providing. Whether we think about it or not, mountain biking takes us to places we most likely would never have experienced had we not got the bike bug. We now plan our weekends, even our holidays around trail networks, bike parks and where we want to ride next. We call it a lifestyle, a passion, a sport, a hobby or whatever box you want to fit it into and I am stoked to see that Joey is embarrassing it all. It is great to have Joey on the mountain bike side of the fence!

So join us as we chat about bikes, racing, falls, sponsorship, Whistler and living to ride.

Thanks for being here and enjoy the show!


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Great video of Joey going big!