206 – The Journey From TurnTable to MTB with Mark McCabe

206 – The Journey From TurnTable to MTB with Mark McCabe

Today’s Guest:

World class DJ and |radio host turned mountain biker Mark McCabe

On episode 206 we are chatting with world renowned DJ and radio host Mark McCabe about being bitten by the MTB bug over the Covid lockdown, how he got interested in mountain biking, what he loves so much about it, the future of MTB in Ireland, his first race experience and of course what it is like playing music in front of thousands of people, plus tonnes more!

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Find Out:

  • How Mark got interested in mountain biking
  • How many rides it took before he was hooked
  • What he loves so much about mountain biking
  • How different the MTB community is from the nightclub community
  • The different buzz MTB gives Mark over being a DJ
  • How Mark got into the DJ scene
  • Why being a DJ was a childhood passion
  • How he has progressed as a rider since starting mountain biking
  • What his lesson was like with Killian Calloghan and how that has helped him get better on the bike
  • What the invitational day at The Gap was like and how he found the new trails
  • How he found his first race experience at Ravensdale in the Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup
  • What Mark’s future plans are concerning mountain biking
  • How to find out more about Mark’s MTB adventures

Listening to Mark’s stoke about mountain biking it is hard to believe that he has only been into the sport for around a year. Not only that, but he has immersed himself into his local riding community, got involved with The Gap and has made a number of new friends to boot. He has already entered his first race, had a coaching lesson and purchased a top notch Mondraker Dune. So if you have done all that over a years period, what’s next? 

Well Mark is not going to be doing anything super crazy in the near future. He is focused on building his bike handling skills, progressing a little everyday and of course nailing his jumping technique, just the kind of stuff we all want to be doing. Mark is out on his bike everyday he has the opportunity and being involved in the music and entertainment industry over these Covid times he has had a bit of spare time on his hands. He normally will be on the bike four times a week and living next to Ticknock gives him the perfect location to be able to do that. Mark’s family has also got into mountain biking and I suppose it is a good thing not only from the point of view of spending quality family time together, but bikes can also live in the living room! 

It was great to get Mark on the podcast as he is relatively new to the scene and brings a different perspective to it, a new found passion and stoke that this pastime we all love so much does so well. Mark has already experienced the level of talent we have in Ireland and after spending a day at The Gap with a handful of these riders, like so many of us weekend warriors, is blown away by the skills that these young men and women possess. The talent level is scary. We chat about what Mark thinks the future holds for the Irish MTB scene and with a couple of young kids himself, what we can do to keep the momentum flowing in the right direction. 

So join us as we chat about bikes, racing, pushing yourself to get better, the Irish MTB scene, being a world class DJ and what the new Gap trails are like, plus much more.

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