207 – Free MTB Masterclass with Adam Copley

207 – Free MTB Masterclass with Adam Copley

Today’s Guest:

Friend of the podcast and a Personal Trainer specialising in MTB, Adam Copley

On episode 207 we have got Adam Copley back on the podcast to chat about his new Trail Collective group, what he has been up to over the last several months, how his racing season has been going, what his new bike is like, how his MTB cliententel have swapped the gym for the trails and to find out more about his new free 6 week MTB Masterclass.

Tune in and find out how to get enrolled and join for free!

Enjoy the show.

Find Out:

  • Why Adam has taken his MTB personnel training business in a slightly different direction over the last several months
  • Why he was being asked by his clients to hit the trails more
  • How Covid and the lockdowns has changed his business direction
  • How Adam is getting on with his van build
  • The mental side behind training and riding
  • Why Adam decided to start a 6 week MTB Masterclass
  • The results of his riders feedback survey
  • What we mostly seem to want to do better on a bike
  • How to get Adam’s MTB Masterclass free for 6 weeks
  • What the course will teach you and the awesome modules included
  • When the course starts and how to get involved
  • What Adam has planned for the future of the masterclass
  • Where to go to find out more

It was great to get Adam back on the show. He is so stoked on mountain biking and is always reading up and educating himself on the industry. He of course concentrates on the fitness side of things being a personal trainer to a load of mountain bikers but, Adam also knows and teaches the power of the mental side of the sport and truly believes it plays a huge part in enjoying mountain biking, may it be as a career or simply as a weekend warrior. We chat about this and much more regarding training, fitness and being in a good mental space to enjoy your ride.

Adam has been involved in the MTB scene for a load of years and has a great deal of wealth and knowledge regarding how to get out riding more, how to prepare yourself for race weekend and loads more. When Adam was last on the podcast we chatted about lots of topics, from how to get started on your MTB journey to racing for the grassroots athlete, plus lots more. To find out more about Adam and the topics above you will find these episodes below for easy access.

Over the last several months Adam has listened to his clients needs and wants and has evolved his personal training business to accommodate their most requested issues. This has led him onto the trails and out of the gym on an ever increasing level, so Adam has taken this to the next level and created his 6 Week MTB Masterclass. The class covers a huge amount of topics and includes such things as mindset, skills like body position, cornering and line choice. There are also track results in a downloadable logbook, access to MTB blogs regarding fitness, and MTB skills, a private group forum and a live webinar each week on that week’s specific module. The course is packed with great content!

Adam has also offered his course free to the first 50 subscribers so get signed up and take your riding and knowledge of the sport to the next level. You can find easy links to the course details below and of course tune in to the episode for more details.

So tune in, sit back and find out more about Adam’s awesome 6 Week MTB Masterclass, how his training has changed and what he thinks of his new 29er!

Thanks for being here and for tuning in.

Enjoy the show!

To Connect with Adam:

Website: www.adamcopleycoaching.com/mtb-master-class

Facebook: @acopleycoach & @Trailcollective

Instagram: @acopleycoach & @trail.collective


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