208 – Farming, Trail Building, Police, Plastic Surgery and Enduro Malaga Updates with Nathan McComb

208 – Farming, Trail Building, Police, Plastic Surgery and Enduro Malaga Updates with Nathan McComb

Today’s Guest:

Mountain biker, Enduro Malaga owner & founder, farmer and probably one of the most skillful people on a bike you will ever see, Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb

On episode 208 we welcome Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb back on the show to chat about the reopening of his super popular guiding business Enduro Malaga, his farming business over the pandemic, dealing with the trail building police, getting plastic surgery after a clothing mishap on the trails and super exciting plans for future development of Enduro Malaga.

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Tune in and find out more. Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Covid has affected Nathans guiding business
  • What he was doing over the pandemic lockdowns and how he built a fruit delivery business
  • How the Ballyhoura Club guys got on as Nathan’s first guests after reopening
  • The new trail network Nathan developed over the pandemic
  • Why he was called into the police station after a manhunt to find out who was building new trails. Opps
  • How the effects of climate change has changed a number of the trails around his area
  • The clothing mishap that ended in Nathan hitting a kicker with his face and requiring plastic surgery
  • What it was like guiding Brian Kennedy (BKXC), Andrew McAvoy (Trail Rider) and Stephen Wilson (Monkey Wrench MTB)
  • The very exciting plans for the future of Enduro Malaga and how you can get involved and own a piece of the pie
  • How to find out more about the different guided tours Enduro Malaga offer and how to book your spot
  • How to get 10% OFF your trip as a MTB Tribe Podcast listener

It was great to get Nathan back on the show and get updated on everything that has been going on over the last few years and as we all know a lot has changed over that time. Nathan first appeared on the show in episode 50 in August 2018 (see below) and had been running his Enduro Malaga guiding business for around a year at that time. His business went from strength to strength and he was pretty much fully booked most weeks. It’s a good way for us gays and gals to escape the winter months at home! 

Then Covid hit and things changed very quickly. Nathan had to quickly do a 180 and Nathan being Nathan wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing, as fate would have it and with a mixture of chance and entrepreneurial genius Nathan started a farming business delivering fresh fruit to expats etc that were heavily affected with the lockdowns put in place. Nathan built this into a full time gig and learned a load of stuff about farming, getting produce to market, or in this case getting it to people that were locked in their homes. Nathan educated himself on crazy stuff like soll types and ph percentages etc, but I know very little about it and I am sure you don’t listen to this podcast to hear about farming so we will leave that at that. Nathan can tell you a lot more!

Now that things have opened up and we are hopefully getting back to some form of normality, Enduro Malaga is back in full swing and is now bigger and better. Nathan has scouted, maintained and built a load of new trial networks (don’t tell the police! You can find out more about that by tuning into the show) making his offering even more expansive. They now even offer a gravel bike guiding option which before the covid lockdowns was getting very popular. There is really something for everyone and all the packages are tailored to your needs. 

Nathan has massive future plans for Enduro Malaga and is putting plans into motion to safeguard his business from another massive covid outbreak or something similar. He has already started sourcing land and has a clear vision for what he wants to achieve. It sounds amazing and I hope he can pull it off which I am sure he will. Nathan doesn’t do things in halves and I look forward to this new adventure in the development of Enduro Malaga. 

As a listener of the podcast you can also get 10% OFF your trip with Enduro Malaga. Simply mention that you heard about Enduro Malaga through the MTB TRIBE PODCAST when booking and Nathan will happily discount your package price by 10%. It is that simple!

So put your feet up for an hour and tune in to hear more about Nathan’s future plans for Enduro Malaga, how you can get involved and why riding bikes beats farming anyday, plus loads more! 


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Website: www.gravelmalaga.com

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Thanks to Nathan for coming back on the show and updating us on his exciting future plans for Enduro Malaga and giving us 10% OFF.

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