210 – Talking EWS & the Race Scene with Yari Alpizar

210 – Talking EWS & the Race Scene with Yari Alpizar

Today’s Guest:

Yari Alpizar – An MTB race enthusiast, local Irish race competitor and a joy to see on the local trails

In episode 210 we welcome back Yari Alpizar to the podcast. Yari is a big part of the local Irish mountain bike scene and can be seen at most of the enduro race meetings either racing (when not injured) or taking over somebody’s Instagram account to film and comment on the event. 

So when I ran into Yari at The Gap in Dublin and we got chatting about racing etc, he mentioned an EWS race survey he had done with his Spanish social friends and thought it would be interesting to do the same with the Irish MTB scene. So we put it out there and got some really interesting feedback. 

We decided that it was good enough to chat about and share the results on the podcast, so here it is. Yari is back on the show and we are chatting about racing, Enduro World Series and what you thought of the 2021 EWS race season.

Also, Yari does some really cool stuff within the Spanish race scene, check out his links in the complete show notes.

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Yari’s wrist break is healing
  • What Yari thought about the 2021 local race scene
  • Why Yari decided to conduct a survey about the EWS race season
  • What the results were like from his Spanish audience
  • Why we decided to do the same survey for the Irish and English scene
  • The complete results from the questions asked
  • How these differed from the Spanish results
  • What we liked most about the 2021 EWS race season
  • What we disliked most about the EWS 2021 race season
  • Taking the results into account, what the EWS seems to have got right and what they seem to have got wrong
  • What we mostly would like changed with the 2022 EWS race series
  • How you can get more involved in your local race scene
  • Find out more about Yari and what he is up to

This was a very interesting chat with Yari and I really enjoyed getting his insights from the Spanish race scene and contrasting them with the Irish race scene. It was also very interesting to see the differing results from the survey and how we look at the EWS race series. There certainly seems to be some changes or tweaks required with certain aspects of the series, but the EWS also seems to have hit the nail on the head with other aspects when it comes to the results from the survey. 

To see the questions and answers from the survey see below:



It was great to get Yari back on the show and have a very interesting chat about the race scene and how in some way or another it affects all of us riding bikes. Whether we race or not, there is so much research and development that comes from the race scene, we wouldn’t be riding the bikes we are today without it. The brands also rely on media exposure from the race scene to help sell their latest models and components etc, and we most likely wouldn’t have the choice or development in bikes that we have now if it wasn’t for the race scene. And who doesn’t like some new gear to dream about?  

So join us as we chat about racing, riding and what we think of the Enduro World Race Series, plus much more. And if you want to know more about Yari see the first episode we recorded below!

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Website: Enduro World Series


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