105 – From Ireland to Iberia: Covering the MTB Scene with Yari Alpizar

105 – From Ireland to Iberia: Covering the MTB Scene with Yari Alpizar

Todays Guest

Yaroslav Alpizar, better known in the Irish MTB scene as simply…Yari

On episode #105 we are chatting to Yari about everything MTB. Yari now lives in Ticknock just south of Dublin but he has had his fair share of travel and adventure following and covering the Spanish and Portuguese enduro series, and we are now lucky enough to have him doing the same for the Irish race scene. You will often find Yari taking over the Gravity Enduro Series Instagram account filming races, reporting on conditions and chatting to competitors on camera when they least expect it. It’s a great insight into the race meeting, what’s going on and the general stoke of the competitors. If you have never been to a race meeting it is a good way to see what to expect and how the day will unfold. 

Yari has published almost one thousand blog posts on his Spanish Blog EIYari.com covering race recaps, interviews, tests, travelogues, etc. He has also covered the Spanish and Portuguese Enduro Series for 2 years, including the Endurama Series as well as the first ever French enduro Championship in Val d’Allos. Yari is also a large contributor to Pinkbike and has published over fifty blog posts to their site, and you will mostly find them on the front page!

So take an hour as we chat to Yari about Pinkbike, TrailForks, the Irish race scene, trail centres, Irish weather, the Spanish and Portuguese race scene and travelling around Europe checking out trails, people, culture and history.  

Enjoy the show!

Find Out:

  • How Yari got started in mountain biking
  • Why there is no mountain biking in Cuba (and how Yari knows!)
  • Why Yari is so passionate about mountain biking
  • How Yari has helped shape the enduro scene across Europe
  • His involvement with the enduro scene from the very beginnings of the sport
  • Why he started his own MTB blog
  • How he get picked up by Pinkbike to cover curtain enduro events
  • How Yari helps TrailForks across Europe
  • Why Yari is in Ireland
  • What he thinking of the MTB scene here
  • What Yari thinks of our trail networks and trail centres
  • What he does to help the Irish enduro race scene
  • What Yari has planned for the future
  • How to get in contact and see what he is up to

Yari pours a lot of his free time into making the mountain bike scene and experience better for everyone, from doing trail maintenance on a regular basis to contributing tons of data to TrailForks helping fellow riders find the best trails and have a awesome riding experience. The man never stops, he is full of energy, super passionate about mountain biking and in love with the Irish MTB scene.

Yari has a load of experience in the mountain bike enduro scene and has been involved with helping build the momentum of enduro across Europe. Yari is super connected with lots of people and characters within the mountain bike industry and holds lots of respect within these circles. Yari talks to us about the difference between enduro races across Europe from what we are used to here in Ireland, different trail conditions, competitiveness, competitor numbers and the complete scene. Yari has travelled a lot following different race events, everything from EWS meetings to the French enduro Championship in Val d’Allos and can often be found working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday and then jumping in a van and chasing some enduro event somewhere across the country. If he is not doing that he is off exploring new trails and new destinations. He has been living in Ireland for just over a year now I he has visited more trail networks than I have, the man is passionate about getting out on his bike and at the end of the day isn’t that what its all about?  

So sit back, take the weight off and have a listen to Yari’s adventures in the MTB enduro scene from across Europe, but especially here in Ireland!

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the show!

To Connect with Yari:

Blog: elyari.com

Pinkbike: elyari

Instagram: yazalpizar

Facebook: elyari

Twitter: yazalpizar

Resources in this Episode:

French Enduro Championship

Madeira Enduro Meeting



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