• 206 – The Journey From TurnTable to MTB with Mark McCabe

    Today’s Guest:

    World class DJ and |radio host turned mountain biker Mark McCabe

    On episode 206 we are chatting with world renowned DJ and radio host Mark McCabe about being bitten by the MTB bug over the Covid lockdown, how he got interested in mountain biking, what he loves so much about it, the future of MTB in Ireland, his first race experience and of course what it is like playing music in front of thousands of people, plus tonnes more!

  • 205 – Diversity & Inclusion In MTB with Aneela McKenna

    Today’s Guest:

    Co-Chair of the British Cycling Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group, MTB guiding business owner, winner of the Local Hero of the Year Award and the list hasn’t even got started – Aneela McKenna

    On episode 205 it is my pleasure to be chatting with Aneela McKenna about her background in the MTB scene, her list of impressive achievements, how she has helped her husband build a very successful MTB guiding company in Scotland called Go Where Scotland over the last 13 years and how her public work in diversity and inclusion has carried over into her love for mountain biking, plus lots more!

  • 204 – Chatting Women In MTB with The Air Maiden Lynne Armstrong

    Today’s Guest:

    Founder of The Air Maiden Women’s Freeride Festival, Member of ‘The Clan’ Stunt Tour, FMB Judge and all round awesome human being, Lynne Armstrong.

    On episode 204 we are chatting to Lynne Armstrong about how she got into the bike scene, working alongside Danny MaCaskill on ‘The Clan’ travelling stunt show, founding the Air Maiden Women’s Freeride Festival, moving to live in Whistler and the future of women in MTB. plus much more.

  • 203 – The DirtFund Project And Helping Privateers with Daniel O’Shea – Revisited

    Today’s Guest:

    Daniel O’Shea: Co Founder of The DirtFund Project – A simple non profit idea…enthusiasts support privateer mountain bike racers

    This episode (#178) first aired 11-02-2021, but as I am taking a couple of weeks off from recording, I wanted to highlight the awesome stuff these guys are doing to help young riders chase their dreams. Enjoy!

  • 202 – No More Trash! with Trash Free Trails – Revisited

    Today’s Guest:

    Dom Ferris – Co. Founder of Trash Free Trails

    This episode (#149) first aired 23-06-2020, but as I am taking a couple of weeks off from recording, I thought it was important to air the awesome work these guys are doing to help us all enjoy our trail riding more. Enjoy!

    On episode #202 we are chatting with Dom Ferris, the Co. Founder of Trash Free Trails about how the idea came about to start a registered non-profit community interest company (CIC), focusing on helping us clean our trails and reduce the plastic pollution on our trails and wild places by 75% by 2025.

  • 201 – First Downhill World Cup Experience with Niall Clerkin

    Today’s Guest:

    Downhill & Enduro Racer, Rostrevor Local & A Name To Watch For In The Future – Niall Clerkin

    On episode #201 we are chatting with a young ripper from Rostrevor called Niall Clerkin. We chat to Niall about his mountain bike background, how he got into racing, his first World Cup experience (which involved his bike getting stolen), how he enjoyed a month on the road racing, how he got funded by The Dirtfund Project to help further this racing pursuits and why he wants to turn racing into his full time career, plus much more!

  • 200 – Bringing Rad Into MTB with Miss Joey Gough

    Today’s Guest:

    Ex British National Pro BMXer, 4X Elite Racer, Mountain Biker & Amazing Ambassador For The Sport – Miss Joey Gough

    On episode #200 it was awesome to get Joey Gough on the show to have a chat about her background racing BMX for the Great British National Team, her love for 4X, her amazing skills on dirt jumps, her movement into the mountain bike scene and how her love for bikes is built around her friends and riding community. Plus much much more. Tune in and check it out!

  • 199 – Back On The Trails After Spinal Injury with Peter Lloyd

    Today’s Guest:

    Ex Enduro Racer & Off Road Tetraplegic Buggy Pilot Peter Lloyd

    On episode #199 it is my pleasure to chat with Peter Lloyd about where his love for MTB came from, how he got into racing, how his life changing accident happened, how he dealt with such life changing news, why he got back on a set of wheels (albeit four this time), his love for bikes and his work for spinal injury charities, plus lots lots more!

  • 198 – Vitus First Tracks Enduro Race 1 Review with Glyn O’Brien

    Today’s Guest:

    He’s the Vitus First Tracks Enduro Race organiser, the man who placed 3rd at Rampage, he’s got more trophies than he can count, he’s the stoke behind it all…He is of course Glyn O’Brien.

  • 197 – Bringing Downhill To Miami with DirtSpray MTB

    Today’s Guest: 

    Founder and Owner of DirtSpray MTB Clothing – Phil ‘Cheekz’ Rima

    On episode #197 We are chatting with Phil ‘Cheekz’ Rima, the founder and owner of the very cool Miami based lifestyle MTB clothing brand called DirtSpray

  • 196 – Helping People Improve Their Mental and Physical Health with TotalMTB

    Today’s Guest:

    Founder of TotalMTB – Ryan Oldfield

    On episode #196 We are chatting with the founder of the very popular TotalMTB community of bike riders, Ryan Oldfield. TotalMTB has been going around 4 years, and ever since that time has been encouraging people to hit the trails and get the bikes out, to help with their mental and physical health while having fun and helping the environment. 

  • 195 – From Road To MTB with Gary Donaldson

    Today’s Guest:

    Vitus First Tracks Race Division Rider, Gortin Glen Local and A Super Fast Ripper on Two Wheels – Gary Donaldson 

    On Episode #195 we are chatting with Gary Donaldson about why he made the move from road to mountain biking, how he landed a spot on the Vitus First Tracks Race Division, why he loves racing so much, what it’s like following Glyn O’Brien and what his goals are for the 2021 race season. Plus lots more interesting info!