• 218 – Around The World Ride On A Single Speed with Markus Stitz

    Today’s Guest:

    From bikepacking to cycling around the world on a single speed to mountain biking in New Zealand to writing his first book, ‘Great British Gravel Rides’, to moving to Scotland, we chat with the well travelled Markus Stitz

    On episode #218 We are chatting to Markus Stitz about the release of his new book called Great British Gravel Rides, founding Bikepacking Scotland, competing in the Silk Road Mountain Race and the Highland Trail 550, plus lots lots more.

  • 217- Enduro, Downhill, XC, Road, BMX. Stories From The Past with Darren Tapp

    Today’s Guest:

    From racing BMX to XC to Downhill to Road to Enduro, we chat with Darren Tapp (Daz).

    On episode #217 we chat to Daz about his experiences racing through the years across many different disciplines, how he fell into the bike scene, spent a small fortune on bikes, got sponsored by Yeti, raced against the likes of Steve Peat and Rob Warner, was on the cover of bike mags and how he eventually burned out. All this plus much more!

  • 216 – Bikes, Cerebral Palsy & Elite Level Racing with James Anderson

    Today’s guest:

    Elite level racer, Orange Bikes sponsored rider, bike guide for his local council, monoplegia sufferer and super fast rider – James Anderson

    In episode #216 we are chatting with James Anderson about growing up with monoplegia, how this affected his childhood, how he got into riding bikes, why he never told anybody outside of his family and close friends about his condition and how through grit, determination and willpower (lets not forget skill level) he is racing at world cup level, is a sponsored rider and is loving every moment of it.

  • 215 – Riding Scottish Gravel with Ed Shoote

    Today’s Guest:

    Ed Shoote – Adventure Traveller, Photographer and Author of the very cool new book called Gravel Rides Scotland

    In episode #215 I am chatting with bike traveller, photographer and author Ed Shoote about his new Scottish gravel guide book called Gravel Rides Scotland. The book comprises 28 of the best gravel rides Scotland has to offer with routes ranging form 31 to 128 kilometres in length, with great maps, trail statistics, photos and even a very useful gravel scale.

  • 214 – Biking The Glens with Campbase Adventures

    Today’s Guest:

    Founder and Co-Owner of Campase Adventures, Adam Lowry

    On episode #214 in partnership with MountainbikeNI On ’Yer Bike Campaign, it is my pleasure to welcome Adam Lowry, founder and co-owner of Campbase Adventures on the podcast. Adam and his partners started Campbase Adventures in 2021 and have been running an uplift service at Gortin Glens Forest Park since that time. 

  • 213 – The Evolution Of Whistler with Founder Jenine Bourbonnais

    Today’s Guest:

    The founder and owner of the super rad Evolution Whistler performance bike and snowboard shop, Jenine Bourbonnais

    On episode #213 it is my pleasure to welcome Jenine Bourbonnais to the podcast. Jenine is the founder and owner of Whistler’s performance bike and snowboard shop called Evolution Whistler. Jenine opened the store in 1995 when she was only 21 years of age and has grown it over the years to become the go to store in Whistler. 

  • 212 – The DirtFund Vitus Privateer Programme

    Today’s Guest:

    Daniel O’Shea, Co Founder of The DirtFund Project and Vitus Bikes Marketing Assistant Alex Marchant

    In episode 212 it is my pleasure to welcome Daniel O’Shea, Co Founder of The DirtFund Project back on the podcast and first time show guest Alex Marchant, who holds the very cool title of Marketing Assistant for Vitus bikes.

  • 211 – We Chat with Specialized Ambassador, Wardell Coach & Race Demon Conor Campbell

    Today’s Guest:

    Bike store founder & owner, Specialized ambassador , Wardell Coach, racer and all round top bloke, Conor Campbell 

    In episode 211 it is my pleasure to welcome Conor Campbell on the show. Conor has been involved in the mountain bike and race scene since the early days. He has worked, raced and played with Glyn O’Brien, Michael Cowan and the likes. He owned his own bike store and was a stable in the downhill, cyclo-cross and enduro race scenes. He is now a Specialized ambassador and a qualified Wardell Cycle Coach.

  • 210 – Talking EWS & the Race Scene with Yari Alpizar

    Today’s Guest:

    Yari Alpizar – An MTB race enthusiast, local Irish race competitor and a joy to see on the local trails

    In episode 210 we welcome back Yari Alpizar to the podcast. Yari is a big part of the local Irish mountain bike scene and can be seen at most of the enduro race meetings either racing (when not injured) or taking over somebody’s Instagram account to film and comment on the event. 

  • 209 – Pedalling Hard To The EWS with Ellen Flewitt

    Today’s Guest:

    Enduro mountain bike racer, student, latest DirtFund Winner and chaser of dreams to the EWS, Ellen Flewitt

    On episode #209 it is great to get Ellen Flewitt on the show. Ellen has been racing bikes from around the age of 12 and has never looked back. Her results speak for themselves, but she now has her sights set on bigger goals, bigger podium steps and bigger enduro challenges as she looks towards the Enduro World Series. We chat to Ellen about her background on bikes, racing, sponsors, winning £1000 from The DirtFund Project and of course the EWS. Plus much much more!

  • 208 – Farming, Trail Building, Police, Plastic Surgery and Enduro Malaga Updates with Nathan McComb

    Today’s Guest:

    Mountain biker, Enduro Malaga owner & founder, farmer and probably one of the most skillful people on a bike you will ever see, Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb

    On episode 208 we welcome Nathan ‘The Lizard’ McComb back on the show to chat about the reopening of his super popular guiding business Enduro Malaga, his farming business over the pandemic, dealing with the trail building police, getting plastic surgery after a clothing mishap on the trails and super exciting plans for future development of Enduro Malaga.

  • 207 – Free MTB Masterclass with Adam Copley

    Today’s Guest:

    Friend of the podcast and a Personal Trainer specialising in MTB, Adam Copley

    On episode 207 we have got Adam Copley back on the podcast to chat about his new Trail Collective group, what he has been up to over the last several months, how his racing season has been going, what his new bike is like, how his MTB cliententel have swapped the gym for the trails and to find out more about his new free 6 week MTB Masterclass.